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How to turn holo animations off??! Can a prof look here?


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Sorry to whoever i was playing against with a zekrom deck! :/


I didn't mean to leave the game early, i wanted to refresh to get rid of the lag but now i can't get back on.... ugh!


I knew i was gonna loose but i was having fun with that game! 3:








How can you turn off the animations of a shiny looking card?


Cause they make my game LAAAAG!!! I sometimes start a game and everything is fine but as more and more shiny cards get put on the game it slows it down so much! It's crazy! And it's not my computer 'cause everything else is running fine and as soon as the game is off everything is back to normal.




If you CAN'T turn off the shinyness on the cards then can a Prof take in note that it would be nice if we could?


Just to speed the game up a bit, besides i personally don't care if cards are blingy or not when playing online.




Anyone else noticed that?


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Hello ATez:







Thank you for reaching out to us about holo/foil/shiny cards and animations. Unfortunately, there is no action button to turn the shiny animation on and off. We will add this information to our reports and forward it to our web department.






Thank you










"Never let your sense of Morals get in the way of doing what's right"


Isaac Asimov-


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Yeah, would REALLY love it when foil could be turned off. Not only is it just annoying to look at, but the lag makes the Trainer Challenge more fun IMO! Why play 1 game in which you already start to lag badly mid-game, when you can play 10.000 games without a single trace of lag?


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