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FA trainers and SR ultra ball


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HI, i'll try to trade all FAs, rares, primes i dont need in my 3 main decks.


I need:


4x FA N

4x Ultra ball


I am trading:



1x SR altaria

1x SR empoleon



1x FA keldeo EX

2x FA cobalion NV

1x FA heatran EX

1 FA palkia EX

2x FA reshiram LT

1 FA thundurus EX

1x FA tornadus EX (plasma)

2x FA mews EX (LT) :)

2x FA lysandre

1x FA fan club

2x FA korrina


RA Exs :

2x Cobalion EX

1x Dialga EX

1x Emolga EX

1x heracross EX

2x keldeo EX (1 promo, 1 BC)

3x kyurem EX (outrage)

1x latios EX

2x Palkia EX

1x Skarmory EX

2x thundurus EX (PF)



1x yanmega

2x scizor

1x donphan

1x machamp


Good old cards:

1x cleffa (hgss)

1x Mr mime (col)

1x pichu

1x politeod (holo)

1x slowking (ability)

1x spiritomb (holo)

1x tyrogue (hgss)

2x mime JR.

1x klinklang (shift gear)



3x altaria (ability)

3x flygon (league foil, ability)

3x garchomp

3x greninja


I have some other, but i'll like to get rid of this one first :)



I am muted in game so if u mind post offers here, or just send offers :)

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