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Some Bugs/Glitches still here after the Sept. 3rd update


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There are still trade bugs/glitches after the update. For example:


- whenever you trade something away (packs, cards, etc.), it becomes untagged for trade


- whenver you trade for something, it goes off your wants list (gets untagged off)


- if you're on ptcgo and you complete a trade (or a trade you sent is completed) you don't see the notification (in your notification tab in the top left) until you log off and log back in (you still get the window pop up at the time the trade gets processed saying trade completed, but in the notification tab on the top left, that doesn't update until the next time you log in), if that makes sense


- items that we have 0 of still show up in our binder (when viewed by someone else)


these are just some examples of some bugs/glitches still here after the latest update, fyi.

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