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  • Various fixes to card bugs and game bugs.
  • Users can now register for a Pokémon Trainer Club account from within the game client.
  • The game client will now default to the language of the user’s device after installation for supported languages, or to English for unsupported languages. Users may still manually change their language preference on the login screen.
  • A progress bar has been included in the brief placeholder image that appears while the image of a card or in-game item is downloaded to the game. Once the download is completed, the placeholder will not appear again for that item.
  • Improvements to reduce the frequency of placeholder images during early gameplay, with a corresponding increase to the installer file size.




  • The Standard format has been updated to match the annual format rotation used for live Pokémon TCG tournaments. Standard format decks may only contain cards from the Black & White—Boundaries Crossed expansion onward, Black Star Promos BW51 and higher, and cards from older expansions that have been reprinted in a Standard-legal expansion. For more information on live Pokémon TCG tournaments, visit Pokemon.com.
  • Computer-controlled opponents should now make better choices when attaching Energy cards, retreating, or replacing their Active Pokémon.




  • Support added for the Heracross, Pinsir, and Team Flare avatar items. Check out the Pokemon.com Trainer Store to get this cool gear!




  • Resolved an issue that prevented some trades from appearing in the Public Offers panel when filters were applied.
  • Removed the limitation on the maximum number of trades that appear in the Public Offers panel. Scrolling to the bottom of this panel will continue to load offers that match the user’s filter settings.

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