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Dialga Legend - Phantom Gate ideas


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Hi guys - I wanted to create a Dialga legend deck with some of the metal support coming out in the new set.


The new set will include a Bronzong, that works as eels used to - allowing you to attach a metal energy from your discard pile to a pokemon. Dialga legend has a 3 attack cost move that discards 2 metal energy, that adds the top 2 cards of your opponents deck to their prizes.


So a general idea I have so far is:


2-2 Dialga Legend

3-3 Bronzong line

3-3 Scizor Prime (immune to pokemon with special energy attached)

= 16 Pokemon



2 Indigo Plateau

1 life cloaks (or however the item that raises hp by 20 is called)

2 Junk Arm

1 Twins

3 Juniper

2 Ultra Ball

2 Level ball

1 Evosoda

4 Professor Oak

3 Juniper

1 Super Rod

4 Max Potion

1 Megaphone

3 N

1 Scoop Up Cyclone [Ace Spec]

1 Escape Rope

1 Float Stone

1 Lysandre

1 Pokemon Center Lady

= 35 Trainers



2 Rescue

and 7 metal


The idea is to try and keep dialga legend alive as long as I can and each turn keep adding prize cards to my opponent. Eventually if I can add enough prize cards to my opponents decks, I will be able to use a N to deck my opponent out - as instead of the normal maximum of 6 cards which he would draw - he might draw 10-18 instead, losing him the game the next time he moves.

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i think u should remove giant cape, cus new M manetric and some other fire/electric pokemons can easily OHKO that 210 HP legend(160+ stadium(30)+ cloak(20)). so it is not that usefull , maybe it would be better plasma klang


-1 giant cape

- (2-2) scizor line


+ (2-1-2) klang plasma


that is what i think :)

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Maybe, it really depends on the attack. Scizor prime could knock out pesky pyroars with some degree of immunity without giving up 2 prizes - the same probably can't be said for Aegislash

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I think I will run a chip off durant or 2 (maybe even a hugh) perhaps as well. Could be funny to N my opponent to say a hand of 20-24 - and then force him to discard most of the hand

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Nice to see that I'm not the only one to thought of Dialga & Palkia Legend ^^

I tested it with Milotic and Durant/Experience Share so far. Nothing worked too well tho.


Anyway. My approach would have been slightly different:

Probably with Keldeo EX + Float Stone to constantly power up DPL. Also that helps with the hefty 3 Retreat cost.

Additionally Mewtwo EX would work well with Bronzong.

So I'd start testing with:

2-2 DPL

2 Keldeo EX

2 Mewtwo EX

3-3 Bronzong


3 Float Stones


Other things that I'd mess with:

Shadow Circle + Darkness Energy: DPL has 2 Weaknesses (Fire and Lighting) so getting rid of those might be interesting.

Darkrai EX (works okay alongside Shadow Circle and Darkness Energy, I tested this approach with Kyogre and Groudon Legend too)


Pichu: free retreat and awsome setup card, worked veeery well for me in my nlimited Rayeels build. Capable of stalling in 50% of the cases (sleep). Also works extraordinarily well with Colress (i run 3 in my Rayeels), since your opponent will most of the time put down 4+ Basics himself.


More Twins/No Twins: If you let your opponent take an early prize you can easily get DPL out with it. Works with other cards too. If DPL adds alot prizes then it doesnt work anymore, so 0 Twins would be reasonable, too.


Heavy Ball: especially if Bronzong comes with a 3 Retreat cost (which i think would be reasonable, seeing the older Bronzongs with 3&4 retreat cost) Heavy Ball easily gets out a Legend halve as well.


Life Dew: DPL gives up 2 Prizes, so denying prizes would be awsome.


More Junk Arms: I'd go with 3 at least, especially if you run Life Dew. Discarding stuff shouldnt be a problem as well, since you can discard Energy without any problems.


Instead of Super Rod: Sacred Ash (you have no need of retrieving Energy, Bronzong does that Job already)


More Rescue Energy: only 2 seems a bit low, also having 1 Energy other then Metal on DPL is very good, since you always keep 1 on DPL after it attacked, so later on you just need 2 Bronzong to keep your DPLs attacking.

I'd either decide for Max Potions OR for Rescue Energy, since you do not want to use Max Potion on a DPL with Rescue Energy attached.


1 Water Energy: Might be useful once in a while to use DPLs other attack.


Prof. Letter: no explanation required


Plasma Klinklang might be an idea too.

BW Klinklang could work as well. It enables you to leave your DPL active. Use Bronzongs to attach Energy to a random benched Pokemon and move them to the Active with Klinklang.

Also good to attach Energy to Mewtwo in the first turns and then move them to DPL once you have it out


Maaaybe Legend Box (never ever worked for me so far tho)




Those were my thoughts so far. Legends are kinda hard to get out imo.

If anyone found a good Legend-engine then feel free to tell me :P

Korrina works good with Kyogre & Groudon + heavy ball...

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