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Scizor prime deck


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Hi, can anyone help me with this deck, i need list of pokemon and energy to use.


I have this list , but it is not costant( if u set up, nobody can hurt u, even pyroar have hard time beating)



1x cobalion EX

1x cobalion NV

3-3 scizor prime (sycther 80 hp)

3-2-3 klink (2 shift/1 plasma steel) (need 1 more plasma)

1x mewtwo



4x rainbow (free retreat(garden))

2x special metal

3x metal

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i tried keldeo, but i need 5-6 place for 2-3 klink and 2-3 sycther on bench so i am left with 1-2 bench space which i prefer to use for attacker as mewtwo or cobalions.


i noticed that most difficult to deal with is yveltal deck with garbo and if they dont use DCE

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