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Ambitious Idea- 2 V 2 pokemon matches


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Hello Guys! I have what I would think to be a rather ambitious and unique idea, that could be extremely fun if implemented into the game. I was thinking of 2 V 2 pokemon matches.


How would this work?


Well essentially my idea is that 2 PTCG players would randomly get paired up with each other (it would also be really cool to have an option where you can team up with a friend on your friend's list to face other players).


Teams would alternate with respects to whose turn it is. What I mean By this is if for example my teammate is Player 2 (I am player 1). I would for example, get to go first, then Opponent 1, then my teammate player 2, then Opponent 2. Two members of the same team can never go one followed by the other as this would be pretty cheap.


This would add a whole new level of strategy involved in playing the game, as you and your teammate can account for weaknesses one of you have, or you can work together in such a way that your decks complement each other.


So, this could mean that you and your teammate can team up against one of your opponents if you wish to knock out a pesky Yveltal-ex for example, or if one of your opponents has only one pokemon, you guys can tag-team on him/her to quickly knock them out of the game!


Essentially if a team manages to knock out all the players of one of their opponents, they will automatically win, or if they manage to collect 8 prize cards (which would be shared amongst both players so that either player can collect prize cards from that one set, and this is where having synergy between you and your partner's deck would be extremely beneficial!).


Anyways, just throwing a wild idea out there. What do you guys think?


Please comment below on your suggestions, support/disagreements with my idea.


Sorry if this has been suggested before! I haven't looked extensively through the list of feedback/suggestions from other players.

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By the way, in case it wasn't clear, the 8 prize cards would be from a pool that you and your partner collect from (not each of you collecting 8 prize cards from a grand-total number of 16 prize cards). This could mean your partner can collect 5 prize cards, and you can collect 3 prize cards for example, based on how you decide to go about taking down your opponents.

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Hello Trainer!


I'll submit your suggestion to the Dev team for review and leave your thread open for discussion in the meantime.


As always, we appreciate your input! :)

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Team Multi-Player was a format under WotC that originally Nintendo was going to try and support, but it never materialized (I think in part because the "2 active versus 2 active" format was invented to correspond to the video games). It had some pretty solid rules that sadly, if I still have, are in "hard copy" format somewhere (that is, printed off) since we are talking a little over a decade ago (and I was lucky to have stumbled across such a print out).


The rules were pretty solid, with a major revision tackling what ended up (at the time) as the most troublesome aspects.

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while I would love nothing more than to see this idea happen, I feel that it would not work on so many aspects that its just not going to be possible without starting from scratch.

some obvious concerns that come to mind:

does evil ball/X-ball now count energies of all 4 active pokemon?

does energy crush calculate all energy in play?

does electivire on my partner's bench boost my magmortar?

can i fairy transfer my partner's energy?

can I max potion my partner's pokemon?

can my partner use my aromatisse's fairy transfer?

does everybody switch pokemons when escape rope is played?

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Hi, I do realize that this would be rather difficult and definitely time-consuming to implement, but to answer a few questions:


Evil ball would only account your pokemon's energies plus the opponent's pokemon you attack.

Energy Crush calculates the energies of the opponent you are attacking.

Electivire on your bench does not boost Magmortar on your teammate's bench.

You can only transfer your own energy.

You cannot max potion your partner's pokemon.

Your partner can only use the abilities of pokemon on his/her bench.

Escape rope would only apply to you and the opponent who you choose to have his pokemon switched.


Essentially assume a 1v1 scenario, in a 2v2 battlefield. This means that while you and your partner can't necessarily use each other's abilities, your Pokemon, and tactics can complement each other. For example, I may use a pokemon that poisons my opponent's Pokemon, and my partner has a Ninetails (the one that does a base of 20 damage plus an addition 50 damage for each status condition affecting your opponent). So, by you effectively poisoning the opponent's pokemon, you've allowed your teammate's Pokemon to do an extra boost of damage.


Also, regarding special condition effects, since poison and burn for example would be much more powerful in such a situation, I would suggest that the poison damage/burn takes place after Player 1 and Opponent 1 has gone, and then once again after Player 2 and Opponent 2 have gone, so this way status effects on opposing Pokemon don't become overpowered, or weaker in the case of putting a pokemon to sleep. (In other words, a status condition such as the ones I've mentioned would only require a flip or harm the pokemon if poisoned once every 2 Player's turns).


Hope this clarifies a bit. I'm sure it would be a feasible idea, although it would take a considerable amount of effort from the Dev team to implement.

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