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need some help whit a deck i want to make in a long time


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i want to make a fairy deck. i dont know what i should have in it, i have watch at some fairy decks but they got alot of pokemon in it. i want to have EX in it guess how doesnt love EX. i got aromatisse, rainbow and prism and some xerneas EX and baby xerneas, but i want some more good pokemon. so i need advice

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I run the fairy deck to what i think is its maximum potential.


4 boufalaunt w/ gold breaker (anti ex)

2 xy wigglytuff and jiggly puff (pulls out energies/ shuts down pokemon with high retreat costs)

3 spiritzee and 2 aromatisse (move energies around always stays on bench)

3 xerneas (pulls energy for big hitters)

2 xerneas ex (big hitter)

2 keldeo ex (cures spec conditions and lets xerneas do a big hit every turn)



3 great ball

4 ultra balls

1 master ball (if you dont have one go to 4 great balls)

3 bianca (refills and without discarding)

3 cilan ( pull energies)

3 colress (refils hand interchangable with shauna)

3 fairy gardens (life line for keldeo ex and bad starts)



16 basic fairy

4 double colorless


That is a cheap easy deck to make and alot of the cards come in the resilient life theme deck

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Guest ArtichokeCat

Use Professor's Letter over Cilan, and cut some energy.

Maybe like 10 Basic Fairy and 4 Double Colorless

Add some more Draw Supporters like Shauna.

Bouffalant will rotate. :(

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remove 2 boufalaunt

add scared ask and pokemon fan club if you think its not enough.

remove keldeo ex if you goiing to use it for cures spec conditions. fairy gardens if already enough for retreat.

add slurpuff for fairy immunity to spec conditions.

add more draw power


-just my opinion.

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With the new format you wont have much success with that deck list. Most fairy decks I've seen on ladder are running mewtwo's now as the primary attacker to counter lucario and other mewtwo. You can run a 2-2 or 1-1 beartic line as well to counter lando thats what i did in my fairy deck. also ran a reshiram or two to counter virgen. No xerneas EX in mine. Its damage output is not great unless you run virbank and lasers. Fairy garden you need for sure but run 3 to win the stadium wars. No cilan, no tierno no cheren ever. They are horrible supporters. You need junipers/sycamore's, N's, skylas, and colress. Also add a lysandre or two. Also, running slurpuff is a big investment so keldeo might be better suited for the status conditions.


My previous fairy deck was nearly unstoppable but a lot of the big hitters got rotated as well as prism energies... so it took a big hit. Fairy still has potential but it needs a good build for it to be competitive at all

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