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How to concede like a good sport


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So the latest trend in bad behaviour is to try and wait out the opponent, and then when the clock is about to run out, disconnect, which gives you five more minutes of delay time.




Instead of acting childish, why not click on the middle red button in the lower left that looks like it has notebook lines. One of the options is "concede."




This ends the game so that both players can go on and find another game.




The fact is, when the wins and losses actually count, you will never win this way, and it's bad sportsmanship, which is against the Pokemon rules and can be penalized.








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since there are now rewards/penalty right now, as soon as i see someone disconnect or wasting time on purpose ( it's not hard to write "be right back in 2 minutes) i just concede and claim it as a win to myself. so i can just look for a serious game.


when ranks will be up, this behaviour will be gone, so no problem.


a thing that bothers me is people with theme decks doing ranked matches. you have literally to waste minutes just to wait them playing bill, drop basics and then ko them until its over. that's frustating ^__^


why don't they just play practice?


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