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Kaiju deck suggestions?


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I collected some Tyranitar cards to build a Kaiju deck. :D Looking for suggestions on what to put in, or feedback on what I currently have:


1x Darkrai EX (switch utility)

1x Yveltal EX (the big bad boss monster)

2x Yveltal (energy utility and back-up attacker)

4x Larvitar (50HP)

1x Pupitar (70HP)

4x Tyranitar (non-prime)


1x Computer Search

2x Dark Patch

2x Level Ball

2x Professor's Letter

3x Rare Candy

1x Super Rod

2x Switch

2x Ultra Ball

2x Lysandre

4x N

1x Pokémon Center Lady

4x Juniper

4x Skyla

2x Muscle Band


3x Double Colorless Energy

12x Darkness Energy


I was thinking of maybe taking out 1x Larvitar, 1x Tyranitar, 1x Rare Candy and instead put in 1x Yveltal EX and 2x Shadow Circle. Is Shadow Circle worth playing, though?

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