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Trading EXs, Full Arts, and lots of other stuff.


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To me Full Art Cards are more of a luxury I play in real life I'm basically trading off cards that I don't need since I need newer set cards from FUF. FUF packs, FUF cards or combination deals are fine. just Send an offer. I only need 2 Seismitoad EX, after that Lucario EX will be my next cards needed. I plan on streaming to benefit the community by doing give-away's once I have the cards needed from the new sets. Leave a message and send offer. post if combined.


The cards I need are 2 Seismitoad EX 1st priority, second would be Lucario EX, 3rd Priority Mega Lucario EX


Full Art Korrina- 9 FUF packs or Seismitoad EX


Full art Deoxsy EX - 9 FUF packs or Seismitoad EX


3 Cystal Walls- 1 FUF pack each


White Kyurem BC Full art - 3 Packs FUF


M Charizard EX Dragon- 4 Packs FUF


Magnezone EX FA- 2 FUF


Tornadus EX full Art PF- 4 FUF


FA random Receiver - 7 Packs FUF


Full Art Virizion EX + Pack difference for Regular Virizion EX = 4 FUF Packs


Pokemon Fan Club - 3 FUF Packs


Ghetsis FA- 3 FUF


3 Dragonite EX FA- Trading for regular prints plus pack different = 3 FUF


Life Dew Ace Spec- 1 FUF


Stoke Charizard EX - 2 FUF


3 Weavile PF - 1 FUF each

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