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Phantom Forces, deck idea for unlimited !


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Reviewing some of the new cards for the new set, a card that interested me was the Dimensionsal Valley y. What this does is lower the attack cost of any Psychic move by 1 Colorless Energy if the pokemon is psychic. So if we pair up the Dimensional Valley with Gardevoir from NXD/DEX with the ability Psychic Mirage (Psychic Mirage allows any Psychic Energy attached be doubled, but only one effect of this can applied once a time) we can use that with Mewtwo-EX's PsyDrive, we can hit 120 for 1 energy ! So here's how it goes w/o all the explaination...

Demenisonal Valley ( lowers cost for Colorless if the pkmn is Psychic -1) + Gardevoir Mirage (Adds an extra energy if it's psychic though it's only 1) + Mewtwo-EX PsyDrive = 120

Thoughts on this ? I am not sure if someone already posted this, but I hope to test this right away when the next sets hits, thanks for reading ! :)



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That should totally work. I've been searching for cool ways to use that Stadium ever since I heard it, and I'd say that one's one of the best I've heard! In the absence of Gardevoir, though, Mewtwo EX can simply use X-Ball with less risk of taking heavier damage from Yveltal EX.


(I've been focusing more on things in Standard, like Mew EX + single Colorless Energy attack cost = free attack. I'm still looking for a combo that I think really works.)

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