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Trades fuf stuff !


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Hi i'm looking for the following cards:


4 Empoleon (dark explorers)

2 Dusknoir (syinister hand)

2 Altaria (dragons exalted) *

2 Dragonite EX (Furious Fist)*

1 Virizion EX (plasma blast)*

2 Delphox (XY)

4 Greninja (XY)

1 Emolga EX (XY) *

1 Mewtwo EX (promo, lt, next destinies , NON FULL ART)

3 Max Potion

FT seismitoad EX FA, Korrina FA, Heracross EX FA, Deoxys EX FA, Mega lucario EX, and more!


*Most wanted :o

Send me an offer or add me and pm :)

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