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Listen up,GUYS?!?There is gona be a tournament held soon


Date: postponed

Time: Declared each match

Place: "Chat for trading" and to recognize the members of our tournament write (e8) before each message

Style: Unlimited (means no theme or standard!)

Number of participants: 8

Prices:Declared soon


1. You battle against a for you by me chosen opponent. Therefore you must add him and challenge him according to the requirements. Tell me, who won.

2. You advance automatically if your opponent isn´t around.(If both are not around,winner will be declared by coin toss)

3. You have to wait until your next opponent is ready. Make sure that you are not occupied when the time comes.


1. Make sure to be online at least 15 minutes prior to the tournament for a roundcall.

2. To get the price you need apparenty a counter. So make sure to have a weak common card as trade offer ready. One you really dont need.

3.Ill be announcing the winners in the forum

{and please send me your time zone according to your place Eg.(GMT +4)

4.Its gonna be a knockout tournament and declaring is allowed)



If any questions:confused: are occuring, ask me.

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Listen up everybody

I am gonna announce the prices for the 1st and 2nd places now and 3rd later

1st place=Gothitelle+Machoke

2nd place=Raikou+Glaceon

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the next tournament is going to get harder and the 3 winners of this tournament get a free entry to my nxt tournament but others should donate a basic pokemon above 80 HP or donate a pack

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