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Little Good Deals Shop (League Promos Abound)


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My Catalog:



All cards are listed with the price next to them in number of Furious Fists packs. You can also pay in packs as follows:

1 Flashfire or Plasma (B/F/S) = .5 Furious Fists

1 XY or Legendary Treasures = .4 Furious Fists

1 Other Set = .33 Furious Fists

I also am looking for trades as listed below, as well.



Furious Fists

Battle Reporter Fullart 4

Herbal Energy (x2) 1




Kangaskhan EX Fullart 5

Pokemon Center Lady Fullart 2.5

Charizard EX (Stoke 11/106) 2

M Charizard EX (Wild Blaze 69/106) 2.5




Skarmory EX Fullart 3

Skarmory EX 2

Mega Venusaur EX (x2) 3

Double Colorless Energy (x4) .4

Double Colorless Energy Foil (x2) .5



Legendary Treasures

Emolga EX Fullart (x2) 3

Meloetta EX Fullart 1

Reshiram Fullart (RC22) (x4) .5

Shaymin EX Fullart 1

Reshiram EX (League Promo) 2

Reshiram EX 1.5

Zekrom EX 1.5

Double Colorless Energy (x3) .4

Hydreigon 2



Plasma Blast

Dialga EX (x2) 2

Plasma Energy Foil (x1) 1

Scoop Up Cyclone 1.5



Plasma Freeze

Heatran EX Fullart 3

Heatran EX (x3) 2

Plasma Energy (x2) .4



Plasma Storm

White Kyurem EX 2

Moltres EX 2

Plasma Energy (x1) .4



Boundaries Crossed

Cheren Fullart 1.5



Dragons Exalted

Registeel EX (x2) 2

Blend Energy GFPD .4



Next Destinies

Double Colorless Energy (x3) .5




Black Kyurem EX 1.5

Garchomp EX 1




Wobbuffet 13/123 Foil ?



League Foil Promo Pokemon .25 Each unless marked

Reshiram EX LT 29/113 2

Darmanitan BC 28/149 (x4)

Darumaka BC 27/149 (x3)

Emolga DEx 45/124 (x4)

Flygon BC 99/149 (x6) 1

Granbull Kalos 23/39 (x2)

Gyarados DgEx 24/124 (x4)

Lillipup BC 120/149 (x3)

Magikarp DgEx 23/124 (x4)

Nincada DgEx 10/124 (x4)

Ninjask DgEx 11/124 (x4)

Reshiram PF 17/116 (x2) 1

Salamence DV 8/20 2

Sandslash BC 79/149 (x3)

Snubbull Kalos 22/39 (x2)

Swadloon NV 2/101 (x3)

Swanna DkEx 36/108 (x6)

Venipede BC 72/149 (x3)

Wailord DgEx 26/124 (x4) 1



League Foil Promo Trainers 1 Each Unless Marked

Aspertia City Gym (x2)

Bianca LT 109/113 (x2)

Crushing Hammer (x1)

Enhanced Hammer (x1)

Full Heal (x4)

Heavy Ball (x4)

N DkEx 96/108 (x3)

N NV 92/101 (x4)

Pokemon Catcher (x2)

Rocky Helmet (x4)

Skyla (x4) 2

Super Rod (x3)



League Promo Foil Energy .5 Each or 8 Energies for 3

All of these except Fairy are marked as if they are from the Black and White Base set (checkerboard symbol)

Darkness Energy (x20)

Fairy Energy (x4) (No Set Stamp)

Fighting Energy (x16)

Fire Energy (x28)

Grass Energy (x24)

Lightning Energy (x20)

Metal Energy (x20)

Psychic Energy (x16)

Water Energy (x24)




None right now


My Wants:


I'm not just looking to buy these cards for packs, the offer listed is for comparison for trades only and so offers must include at least one of my cards, though if you only want a card with a lower value, I can include up to (0) Furious Fists packs to make up the difference. This is all I have, I can't make more appear out of nowhere.



Lucario EX (x1) 12

Strong Energy (x3) 1.5

Machoke w/Fighting Fury (x2) 2

Politoed 1

Poliwrath 1

Dusknoir w/Sinister Hand 3

Garbodor w/Garbotoxin 2





So, do you want to order something? Please post in this thread with everything that you want and what you're offering for it. Check posts since my last post to make sure someone else hasn't requested what you want.


-If the total is an even, tradable number of packs, consider it a deal and feel free to send me a trade in-game. If there's no problems, I will accept.

-If the total does not equal an even number of packs, proceed as follows:

---If you are paying in at least half Furious Fists packs or trades from my wants, feel free to round off up to .4 packs in your favor and consider it a deal. (Minimum one pack, no free cards!)

---If you are paying mostly in older packs, feel free to round off up to .4 packs (after conversion) in your favor and consider it a deal. (Minimum one pack, no free cards!)

---If the decimal is off by more than that, I'll accept an offer that's rounded in my favor, or you can make another offer.




Hi! I would like the following:

Reshiram Fullart (RC22) .5

Nincada DgEx 10/124 .25

Heatran EX Fullart 3

Total 3.75


I'll be paying in Flashfire packs (3.75/.6=6.25) I'll send a trade with 6!


And of course, you can just make a lower offer, and I may accept it. I'm really looking to clear a lot of my stuff out!

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just like to say 0.6:1 means 0.6 FF is worth 1 not the other way around :/

Ratios can go either way, but I'll edit to be clearer.


Got Mewtwo EX

Not looking to just buy, only sell or trade.

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