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Victreebel/Milotic/Shiftry Deck List


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I'm Acctualy Using that deck in the ranked battle and it have succesed and give me the win lots of times ...off course after Doing a lot of improvments and fixs With facing Virizion deck/ TDK Decks today... I Join it so much and it gets people rage so quickly with confuse and the poison It's So fun Honestly ! So Guys Here is the deck List ! :) Enjoy it ;)



Pokemon ( 16 )


2-1-2 Shiftry line

3-1-3 Victreebel Line

2-2 Milotic ( Flashfire) Line


Trainer ( 32

-x2 bicycle

-x1 Energy Retreival

-x2 Evosoda

-x2 max potion

-x4 rare candy

-x2 startling megaphone

-x3 ultra balls

-x1 Lysandre

-x3 N

-x3 Professor juniper

-x3 Skyla

-x2 Exp .Share

-x1 Life Dew ( proboly people will run computer search/Gold potion but the life dew only attached to Milotic)

x1 Muscle Band

-x3 Sparkling Robe



Energy ( 12 )



3 DCE ( Double Coloress Energy)

- x 9 grass energy



The strategy is So Clear :) Get out the victreebel on bench /Shiftry Active and if there is a need of energy Make the milotic a great partner with the life dew attach to it . victreebel Start Activating his ability and attacking with the shiftry or Using his own ability and milotic comes again to accelrate the energy one more time and keep going like that with controlling the game in your hands .. also another important think don't waste all energys attached to victreebel since the oppennt' active pokemon is a weak pokemon not EX Or Hight HP One :)



Second think the virbank Msut be important But After trying many matchs it's not nessecary that match If you controll the whole game and the oppent Could run it as well :) And it takes a Deck space to run another energy or something else wich can give you the win ... Hope you Enjoyed it and Have Fun !

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