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Team latias tournaments


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We will be organising tournaments in which each player has to donate 1 pack each. The winner of every tournament will get 3 packs, 2nd will get 2 packs and 3rd & 4th will get 1 pack each.

The format will be unlimited. Decks cant be changed or edited in between the tournament. The packs are to be donated before starting the tournament.

To register type the name of the pack you'll be donating and your time zone (eg. GMT+ 5:30) and send me a trade offer.


Banned cards : yveltal-ex, zoroark, sabyleye (junk hunt)


Important information : The tournament could not be held till 24th September. You can still register for it. If enough players are gathered it would take place on 24th September afternoon (GMT).

Sorry for the inconvenience.


Date and time will be announced according to the time zones.


1.Chinmay453 (GMT +5:30)

2.Pokemanz88 (GMT -7) (pack pending)







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Asking for pack donations for tournaments is frowned upon here, just so you know!, still, aside from people having to donate, which i suggest removing, good luck with your tournament!

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