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Hggs roserade + miasma wind leafeon!!


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for reference:

leafeon: 1 CE:miasma wind: x50 for each special condition

1 GE: soothing scent: 30, enemy asleep.


Roserade: ability: when you attach a P energy to it, enemy is poisoned, G energy; confused

1GE 1CE: power blow: x20 for each energy attached



Can this once deadly combo still work in todays meta?! or even compete the new amoongus/ninetails deck?!


if so, what cards from the newer sets would you add?



My top picks would be:

-Virbank city gym!

- hynotoxic lazers

- virizion EX

-training center

- FuF eevees ( Turn 2 evolving, potentially dealing 130 damage with lazers turn 2!!!)





So what do you guys think? this can potentially be a dominant deck with the new fuf ability eevee and lasers.

Send in your opinions and additions to the deck!

( and while am at it. i'm still LF 1 more roserade, pm me ingame :P)

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Indeed, but the new eevee + disadvantage of having to discard energy from victreebel cant be overshadowed.


however as you said ninetails ability is pretty sweet


p.s this is for the ptcgo mostly :P

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You should try maybe adding a munna + virizion ex since this is going to be a grass deck as well. Munna lets you flip each turn if you desire to make your opponent fall asleep, giving you 50% of the time an extra condition instead of confused. In addition maybe you could look at adding a houndoom prime, but that one might just make it a bit too clunky. Houndoom prime is essentially the same thing as munna, but with burn instead - which doesn't remove either being poisoned or confused/asleep

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Well the thing that i discovered, if i add a blend energy or rainbow to roserade, BOTH cofusion and poison will apply at the same time dealing a 1 energy 150 attack with muscle band and virbank, i dont think i will consider munna as i hate coin flips, aD well as hypnotoxic lazers and leafeons soothing wind can all apply sleep condition.


the houndoom prime seems promising potentially dealing 220 damage with 1 energy which is insane, considering laser+houndoom. but as you said 3 stage 2 lines can be a little clunky, but can be worth.


in a side note, i think this deck will be deadly against keldeo blastoise decks, and am thinking of adding a mew ex to ohko a mew2 with 2 special conditions. thanks for the houndoom note :P

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