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Suggestion for Roulette and Trainer Challenges


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Hello, my name is redscores.


A bit to my background (as kind of an introduction), I am 23 years old and a hobby game developer and software developer in apprenticeship.


I really gotta say I love Pokemon TCG but some problems bug me with the earning system of boosters and such.


I have some suggestions that might be interesting and should keep gameplay encouraging and rewarding.


1. Trainer Challenges: The Trainer Challenges are absolutely obsolete after completing everything, which can be done in about 3 days with 3 hours of gameplay per day.


Suggestion: After completing Trainer Challenge, remove them from the interface for the completing player and instead implement a "daily quest"-menu. In that menu you can rotate quests daily. Which will, if completed give one time rewards.


A few examples for Daily Quest:


Beat an darkness player with this premade psychic deck (where the psychic deck would have a way of nullifying weakness or resistances of the darkness pokemon),


Beat an certain hard enemy with full hit points at the end, where you have a blissey themed deck (healing and such),


Survive for X rounds a fight against a overwhelming enemy with this control deck (you would use a deck that can remove energy, prevent damage and so on) (this one would be marked very hard)


Then, when you beat a daily quest you get maybe coin rewards, booster rewards if it is a very hard quest or maybe even a series of daily quests where you get multiple boosters or a special theme deck as reward.


This way, it will entertain people who are hardcore pokemon tcg players and beginners (because of the different difficulty levels of quests) and give newbies a way to slowly get better beyond the trainer challenges.



2. Roulette (Ranked): I played your game for like 2 weeks now, and I've seen some really bad things like people surrendering after 2 minutes of gameplay and such.


I believe the reason is there is no encouragement for winning, it doesn't matter if you win or lose and there is no visible ranking.


Why is there no encouragement for winning? Because in either case, you get the reward roulette, which is fine, it should encourage the winner and the losing player, but not necessarily equally.


Suggestion: My idea for this is simple, keep the old roulette for the losing player, but for the winner implement a new one, a improved one. This way, a losing player won't become frustrated and winning will be encouraged instead of losing on purpose after 2 minutes expired in the battle.


The new roulette could be something like instead of 1 coin, 3 coins, 5 coins, 1 tournament ticket and 2 question boxes, you could give them 3 coins, 5 coins, 8 coins, 2 tournament tickets and 3 or 4 question boxes rewards.


That way, playing will be encouraged, but losing players won't be disencouraged.





Thanks for reading, I hope my input held some value to you.


NOTE: English is not my native language, so I appologize for my grammar.

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I agree with this. As another topic covered recently, there is disagreement over whether conceding players should spin the prize wheel at all, so simply rewarding winners a little more seems like a solution that will satisfy everyone, including those of us who concede when games are clearly over with no possibility of winning.

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This Quest idea would be a GREAT way to teach/reinforce play strategies, which a newer player like myself would find useful. As collections grow over time, it would be fun to return to a given quest with a given strategy goal to see how you do after being able to build more effective decks.


The infrastructure provided in the Trainer Challenge is still useful for trying out new Theme Decks after you purchase them. The system rewards you with a token per trainer per league, and after 12 wins per Theme Deck you get a extra booster back and 5 tokens. It's not much, but it does reward you for using tokens to buy Theme Decks, which for a newer player like myself, has been a great way to build up my card collection. Maybe they need to find a way advertise this advantage more.

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I dont agree with the different roulette for winners , it will simply encourage people to play the better tier 1 deck and more people (if not all) Who needs rewards would be playing it (and a lot of people play it already). It simply needs to be equal for the winner and looser but you cant surrender in like 7 minutes or so , if you lose in less you still get the wheel but not if you are surrending. For the daily challenge totally agree

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I like this idea but am loving the roulette wheel over the way it was before. At least now you can always win something in a Versus match. Sometimes people will quit on me or they are defeated very fast and I don't get a reward at all. I guess like said that there is like a two minute time frame to get a prize. But some times I just won in 3 turns and I think I deserved a prize for it. Like for me one in it seems 30 battles a person will get only one EX and I put in Bouffalant with Gold Breaker and get one energy and then a double colorless. I beat the EX and don't get a prize. Maybe no matter what if you win you always get a prize and I'd add in 'Random Battles'. I don't know about it but friends battle could be used to get quick prizes if you think about it. So maybe just for Random battles.

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Stormesp: What? I don't get you.... you will still get a reward if you lose in my idea... you just get a bit more rewarded if you win, which is reasonable and logical.


Jamespup: Sorry? I don't get what you are saying. And I don't know how the old roulette is better as my idea?

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