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Tyrantrum Deck


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Here's my Tyrantrum deck that I made using the new Furious Fists cards. Still hunting down some cards to finish it off (I'll put my desired cards in italics), but figured I'd see what other people thoughts, and look for suggestions. I first wanted to take advantage of Giga Impact, but then decided to focus entirely on Chew Up instead:


Pokemon: 13


Tyrantrum x4

Tyrunt x4

Landorus x4

Lucario EX x1 (Will try to get a second one, but they're hard to trade for!)


Trainers: 33


N x3

Professor Sycamore x4

Lysandre x2

Fossil Researcher x4

Korrina x4


Muscle Band x3

Switch x4

Ultra Ball x2

Startling Megaphone x1

Jaw Fossil x2

Random Receiver x1

Computer Search x1


Fighting Stadium x2


Energy: 14


Strong Energy x4

Fighting Energy x6

Double Colorless Energy x4



Basically you're guaranteed a turn 1 Landorus (right now sometimes after quite a few mulligans). Then I try to get out 2 Tyrunts as quickly as possible using Fossil Researcher, while Landorus soaks up damage and loads Fighting Energy. Tyrantrum gets going pretty quickly with a DCE and a Fighting/Strong Energy, and can hit hard with Muscle Band/Strong Energy/Fighting Stadium, especially if the opponent is using Special Energy. If not, then you can always Giga Impact, or Lysandre out a Pokemon that does. In the first case, I can switch back into Landorus to get energy back, or into another Tyrantrum.


Problems exist if I can't get out Tyrantrum quickly, as that forces me to try and power up a Landorus, or when facing very quick decks like a Lucario EX/Landorus EX deck, that are able to set up faster than me. That's why ideally I'd like to add 2 Lucario EX of my own, to power something up quickly and apply instant pressure while I set up.


It's a pretty fun deck, and if you can get set up, plays fairly well. It eats up Team Plasma decks and basically anything that uses EX with DCE (almost all decks have a Mewtwo to get Chewed Up for 2 easy prizes).




Trying out some Jaw Fossils with mixed results. Just got a Lucario EX so that should bolster my offense!

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I need to point out a few errors;


1) Your number counts are completely off, but that's not a problem really xD

2) Fossil researcher is a supporter, only one can be played per turn. Adding a few jaw fossils would speed this up considerably.

3) The chew up attack is pretty weak unless the opponent has special energy on their active pokemon. Most players would predict Tyrantum's attack and not add any special energy, so you may be forced to use the heavy cost, heavy damage, low effectiveness Giga Impact instead, more often than not. Though switch could deal with this, I don't like relying on an item card to actually allow me to attack on the next turn, especially considering Seismitoad-ex's popularity and playability.


My general view; it is a decent deck, but I doubt Tyrantrum will ever be used competitively. It will always require one or more strong energies, fighting arena, silver bangle or even the new machamp, in order to one shot an EX. It could work, and I am very keen to hear how it goes.


Good luck!

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Guest ArtichokeCat

I just played vs a deck similar to this-

My advice: Watch out for Leafeon PLF.

Many people are teching it for Seismetoad EX

(including me)

and it can easily Crush this deck.

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It actually works pretty well. Tyrantrum is pretty beefy (can survive a Mewtwo X-Ball). Usually I can chew up the first EX since my opponent doesn't know not to avoid Special Energy, and threaten a Giga Impact if they retaliate with something without Special energy. Item lock is a pain though, but I actually struggle more against Trevenant/Donphan than Seismitoad, since Tyrantrum can chew up the big toad, forcing the opponent to play their second attacker. Speed is the obvious issue though.


I might try Jaw Fossil instead of Rollerskates, but I found it more effective to just devote cards to drawing out Fossil Researcher.


Haven't run into a Leafeon PLF yet, actually. If I did I'd have to either one shot it or use Landorus instead. I think having Lucario EX would help, but I haven't been able to get one yet.

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