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Bug with Card Tagging: For Trade and For Want


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The tags of For Want and For Trade on cards are getting dropped quite often. I have had to repeatedly go and mark the same cards/packs over and over as for trade and for want.


It seems that the tags get dropped whenever there is a successful trade where I receive that card.


The experience I would prefer is that my For Want / For Trade tags would persist even after I have no more instances of the card. Once I've marked a card For Want / For Trade, it should stay that way until I explicitly untag it. Of course, if I no longer have that card, it wouldn't appear as For Trade in my trading binder, but the moment I get another copy, it should.




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Hi 1337b8,


Just to confirm, the cards which are untagged are ones which you no longer own? If so, this is an intended function. However, I can pass your feedback to the Dev team for review.


Thanks for your report and your patience!

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