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Public Trades In a Danger!


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What's the problem with public Trades guys ? whenever i Put on it's expired .. . and i think that's what happend to other friends... Also some of My Packs Were locked for no reason ( x7 Fuf ) +( x1 PF) +(X2 FF) ... Can Any Mod Sumbuit my Bug Report .. :(

In General : ( To make it Easy) : the bugs are

1*: the Bug in the publci trades : why it's expired ?

2*the packs lock after any public trade expiration

3*Fix these !!!!

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Hi MyPowa15,


Regarding your first bug, it would be incredibly helpful in our investigation if you could submit a screenshot. You can do so via support ticket, which can be created by clicking the link in my signature, signing in, and clicking "Ask a Question".


Your second report will also require another, separate support ticket. Please include as much information as possible to that ticket, including all cards/items which are trade-locked and should not be.


Thanks for your reports and your patience! :)

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