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FT: Team Plasma Cards! LF Packs!


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As hard as it is for me to say this, my Plasma deck has lost its effectiveness due to the recent changes in the format. After much deliberation, I've decided to sell these Plasma deck-exclusive cards because I need resources to adapt to the current times. So here's what I have for trade:


2 Thundurus-EX (3 packs each)

3 Deoxys-EX (promo) (3 packs each)

3 Plasma Kyurem (2 packs each)

3 Team Plasma Ball (.33 packs each)


I'm primarily looking for Furious Fists packs, but I can also accept packs from Boundaries Crossed and the Plasma sets.



As a bonus offer, I also have a full-art Genesect-EX! For either 19 packs or a regular Genesect-EX and 5 packs, this full-art can be yours!

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