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Yveltal Darkrai Deck Help


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I'm new to PTCGO and haven't played the tcg in almost 8 years. It's been a week since I started playing and wanted some tips, advise, and suggestions on my deck. I've actually have had pretty good success with this deck 58 wins out of 84 in rank. I have a stack of FuF codes coming in this week and would like to see what new cards I should add to my deck to take it a level further.



Pokemon 16


Darkrai EX 2x

Yveltal EX 3x

Mewtwo EX 1x

Yveltal 2x

Sableye 2x

Duskull 2x

Dusclops 2x

Dusknoir (sinister hand/evil void) 2x


Trainers 30


Items 16

Muscle Bands 3x

Toxic Lasers 3x

Level Ball 2x

Ultra Ball 1x

Dark Patch 2x

Crushing Hammer 2x

Evosoda 1x

Professors Letter 2x


Support 14

Cheren 2x

Colress 2x

Lysandre 2x

N 4x

Pokemon Fan Club 2x

Professor Juniper 2x


Energy 14


Dark x14

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