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FT: Landorus-EX, Lucario-EX, Deoxys-EX, etc. - LF: Packs


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Hi guys,


I have the following cards to offer:


2x Landorus EX (1 for 21 packs)

1x Lucario EX (14 packs)

2x Thundurus EX (1 for 2.5 packs)

2x Deoxys EX (1 for 2.5 packs)

1x Lugia EX (2 packs)

2x Plasma Kyurem (1 for 2 packs)

1x Landorus FuF (2 packs)

4x Strong Energy (1 for 1.5 packs)



I'm looking for your packs, especially NXD, PB, PS, BC, PLF and FUF!

My ideas concerning the prices can be found in brackets next to the cards.


I'll also except Genesect EX and Virizion EX as "payment".


Please feel free to post some offers. First come, first serve. ;)




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I actually have only 20 plasma freezes that's why lol


Then 1 additional pack from another expansion, so we can make the deal.

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