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Furious Fighters Deck. Suggestions Welcomed and wanted.


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Hey everyone, I just created a new deck for myself using a lot of cards from Furious Fists. However, my collection of furious fists cards is still small and I feel like my deck needs some polishing so I thought I'd post the deck list to see what you guys thought.


Pokemon: 9


1 Hawlucha EX

2 Landorus (FUF)

2-2-2 Machamp Line (FUF)


Trainers: 37


Items: 13

3 Pal Pad

2 Rare Candy

2 Switch

2 Muscle Band

4 Sparkling Robe


Supporters: 22


2 Cheren

4 Korrina

4 Lysandre

4 N

4 Pokemon Center Lady

4 Professer Juniper


Stadiums: 2


2 Fighting Stadium


Energy: 14


9 Fighting Energy

4 Strong Energy



So that is my deck list, please tell we what you think of and and feel free to give suggestions.

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this is what im running:


pokemon 14

- M lucario Ex 1x

- Lucario Ex 3x

- 3-1-3 Machamp

- dedenne 2x

- emolga 1x


trainer 29

- rare candy 3x

- startling megaphone 2x

- ultra ball 3x

- switch 2x

- dowsing machine 1x

- professor's ketter 1x

- bicyle 1x

- korrina 4x

- bianca 1x

- colress 2x

- professor juniper 2x

- lysandra 1x

- fighting stadium 3x

- muscle band 3x


energy 17

- strong 3x

- normal 14x


this deck isnt finished, im still looking for an extra m lucario ex, but even with only 1 i can almost always get him in my hand during the first 3 turns


try and get rare candy atleast 2-3 and then switch to 3-1-3 machamp line up, its so easy to get machamp on your bench in second turn because u can search rare candy with korrina

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