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Hi, i made this deck for fun and i won first 2-3 games.




4x noibat

3x noivern(FUF)

4x minccino

4x cinccino(LT)

1x virizion EX (PB)

1-1-1 dusknoir line

1xsigilyph (safeguard)



1x Computer search

3x lasers

1x virbank

1x training center

4x level ball

1x rare candy

2x megaphone

3x ultra ball

1x switch

1x Colress

1x lysandre

4x N

4x Juni

2x float stone

2x muscle band



4x GDPF blend energy

2x darkness energy

3x DCE


It is usually all about flips, but u can attack with noivern for most of 170 if u got muscle band and then with dusknoir control damage, but sometimes just cinccino can KO everything if u have luck :)

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