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Login Fail


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I am having problems getting in to the home screen of the TCGO. I had no problems installing the patch, or getting to the login page, but once I try to log in, either as a guest, or as myself, I get the following error message:


Runtime Error




This application has requested the Runtime to terminate it in an unusual way.

Please contact the application's support team for more information.


Any suggestions?

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Hi ShinyGyarados,


I'd recommend trying to re-install the game using the "Clean Install" method:


To perform a clean install; remove all traces of the Pokémon Trading Card Game client from your computer and re-download the game to a separate directory(folder) than previously used. Install the new files from this directory and attempt to relaunch the game.


If you've still got an issue after relaunch, send a ticket to the Support Team. Be sure to let them know what you've already tried as solutions. They'll be able to give you more specific instructions. You can find a link to the Support Portal in my signature.



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Just an FYI in addition to what Prof_Thistle mentioned...


Runtime errors can occur if you are running two software programs that are not compatible, if your computer has memory problems, or if the computer has been infected with malicious software. If a runtime error keeps occurring, try these troubleshooting steps:



  • Install the latest updates for Windows and run the TCGO Refresher, which can be found in your Pokémon TCGO folder.
  • Check your computer for viruses and malware
  • Make sure your computer has the minimum amount of RAM required to run TCGO.
  • Make sure that you have the newest audio and video drivers for your hardware.

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