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Cool new deck with playing power ^^StokeNite^^


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The Meat



1x Virizion

2x Victini (Fliptini)

2x Dratini

2x Dragonair

2x Dragonite (1x Deafen, 1x Hyper beam)

2x Charizard (Stoke, mwahahaha)

1x MCharizard (Crimson Dive)

2x Dragonite EX



1x Energy Retrieval

2x Energy Switch

2x Escape Rope

3x Evo Soda

2x Pal Pad

2x Letters

3x Rando Receiver

1x Super Rod

3x Scoop Up

2x Ultra Ball

1x Lysandre

3x Fan Club

3x Sycamore (Juniper)

3x Skyla

1x Mountain Ring



2x DblColorless

4x Fire

4x Grass

4x Lightning



Okie ***** Machokie, the strategy is to get your Charizard and Victini out As soon as you can, with a fire energy attached to the Charizard if at all possible. Use your stoke attack and gather 2 grass energies, and a lightning energy. If you have the energies you need by your next turn, throw down your Dragonite EX. There is also the option to Escape rope your Dragonite and repeat the process of Stoke/DragoniteEx. If you don't happen to get the cards you need up front, keep spreading energies around, so when you do get the Dragonite you have the energy you need to attack. Victini's Stored Power attack can move some emergency energy to a benched pkmn, like your MCharizard when your done using Stoke.


The Dragonite evolution chain is more to keep the same energies in play, and to provide legitimate backup in the form of Paralysis (my fav special condition), the inability for your opponent to use item cards, the ability to discard energy and an attack that does 60x dmg for every heads, out of 4 coin flips. That's 240 dmg if you flip 4 and 180 if you flip 3, which isn't unheard of with your Victini.


When your DragoniteEx gets badly injured you can attempt to use a super scoop up, and if you've played your cards right, you can throw it back down and have a fresh DragoniteEx in play and attacking.


Anyone else have any improvements on this?

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You do realize Charizard doesn't actually need Fire Energy to use Stoke, right? The attack cost is one Colorless Energy, so you can stick a Grass or Lightning Energy on it and Stoke to your heart's content.

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Totally.. just make sure to stoke up that fire energy if you don't have it in hand, Just in case you don't have your dragonite ready you can still attack. Another cool idea would be to take out the Dragonite Evo chain and use the new flygon to pump up your MCharizard. This could also be applicable with Ho-Oh but thats not as sure as Stoke considering Stoke works with Victini. This was a part of a strategy I had using Mew to Stoke and then using the attacks of my opponent or replacing energy to your benched pokemon 3 at a time. I haven't tried that with Dragonite though.

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