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CoL energies: Why they should not be available on Mystery Wheel


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I like to have a full foil deck. After waiting and waiting and waiting for Ptcgo to make new shiny basic energies other than the CoL ones I eventually got fed up of waiting and decided to go for a 10 energy playset of the CoL grass and darkness energy. As time went on and because they were discontinued + being the only shiny basic energy available, their value increased significantly up to ~20 packs each, so it was quite expensive to obtain these playsets as you can probably imagine.


Recently after a graphical update, the league stamped basic energies became foil which I thought was a great thing seeing as they aren't as pricey, and it would basically mean that the shiny basic energy from CoL would become a collector's only item (aka people going for the 100% collection, only being interested in getting 1 of each tops) and people like me who want to play with a full shiny deck could just go for the cheaper alternative (league stamped basic energies).


But for some reason which I cannot figure out, CoL basic energies are now tradeable rewards on the new mystery wheel thing. Not any other cards from CoL or any of the other discontinued old sets - just the CoL energies. Now I'm not sure what you are trying to achieve here but you are punishing the people who invested a lot of card pack value into a CoL energy playset, or even several of them. Yes they vanish from the wheel after a week but if you've been checking trades then you've noticed that the CoL energy that's on the mystery wheel drops from their previous ~20 pack street value to ~1 pack street value. That's simply too big a price drop to be considered 'ok'.


Combine that with my above factual arguments that no other old cards from non promotional sets are obtainable from this mystery wheel + that there's an alternative for people who want shiny energies now, and come to the conclusion that you should remove CoL energies from the mystery wheel. [Content removed - please keep all discussion polite and constructive. -Prof. Poplar] CoL energies (or atleast the 'untouched' ones) are a high value item just like older popular FA Ex cards such as Darkrai ex, Lando ex, Mewtwo ex etc. and they are not available on the wheel either. Can't afford them? Tough, stick to non foil energies (which are unlimitedly available and free for everyone) until you can.


This thread can be closed for review by the creators of this game (specifically by the people who designed the mystery wheel), as long as it actually gets reviewed. From what I understand, others have already made threads about this subject although I do not see any of them, but this indicates that you should atleast stop putting CoL energies on the mystery wheel for the time being until you come to a permanent decision.


This thread is not open for discussion because I feel that there's nothing to argue about - [Content removed - please keep all discussion polite and constructive. -Prof. Poplar] I also won't be checking back to this thread. You may post your support on it if you desire to do so/if it does not get locked for review. Make the right decision and make it asap, that is all. Thanks.

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Hello SlowpokeXXL,


I'll submit your feedback to the Dev team. However, since this post was not intended for constructive discussion, your thread will be closed.


Thanks for your understanding!

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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