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Chat Room Energy Emoticons


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Hi Everyone,


I was trying to figure out how to make the energy symbols in the chat room and I came across this post compliments of KuraiNorai from another PTCGO forum! Take a look!


Please note this is for the in-game chat room for PTCGO.



So these emoticons were used a lot when introduced a few years ago but the knowledge was lost to most. So these are the codes for the energy (emot)icons:



Energy Code



Grass {G}

Fire {R}

Water {W}

Lightning {L}

Fighting {The first letter in Frank}

Psychic {P}

Darkness {D}

Metal {M}

Dragon {N}

Fairy {Y}

Colorless {C}



Note you need the {} brackets AND the letters MUST be uppercase



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If you forget, or want to know what letters to use for the energy without revisiting, just remember this:

Fire = R

Dragon/Fairy = The last letter (N/Y)

Others = First letter (just remember that it is Metal energy, not Steel energy)

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I could be wrong, but I remember that {Frank) and {P} are, for some reason, censored in the PTCGO chat. Those weird censors, I tell ya.

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Both {F_} and {P} work as intended. Just be sure that the letters are capitalized. {****** not the same as {*_} (which the latter will not work... just be sure to remove the _)

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Nice catch. I used to remember there being the status conditions (like poison, burned, etc.) but I do not recall their code... or if it has been removed :(

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