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Pokemon TCG Online game files to smoothen the future game play


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Dear Pokemon The international,


As I am from Asean and I am glad that I am able to participate as one of the Pokemon trainer in TCG Online.


However, due to the internet speed in my country and many other SEA countries and also I believe some other countries as well across the world might encounter the pokemon cards download speed.


Everytime I logged in, I have to make sure I Download every single cards of myself because I can't view the details of the card with picture, elements, pokemon name and other details. It appear as blue color with a round shape Earth to Computer that apparently I assume it is downloading.


Somehow, it don't seems the download is fast for me... And I have other friends who had the same issues as we have difficulty to go for PvP as the opponent card appear the same as the downloading blue picture.


Is it kind of disadvantage, so here is the suggestion for future that the tech-team might consider.


My Suggestion:


Just include all the picture files and the details as the files to let the player download the whole thing. Is like a full game files that ready to use by just starting the game and load everything.


Or, P2P download feature that help to speed up the downloads. Multiple servers would help too.


On the other hand, the improvement would help to bring more TCG players in SEA as I am progamer in [Content removed - please keep all discussion on the topic of Pokémon. -Prof. Poplar] , and I have strong influence and good networks in E-sports across the Asia Regions. I am doing my best to raise awareness about this game, so in the future, SEA would have market for future events.


Awaiting reply from the tech team.


Thanks for your time.



[Content removed - sharing personal information, including full name, is not permitted. -Prof. Poplar]

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Hi RamboPang!


I'll submit your suggestion to the Dev team for consideration and leave your thread open for discussion in the meantime.


Please note that all posts must remain on the topic of Pokémon and that sharing any type of personal information is not permitted on the forums. You can read more about these rules and others by clicking the Forum Rules link at the bottom of this page.


Thanks for your understanding and your input!

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Hi Prof_Poplar,


Thanks for the response.


Please update the progress in this thread so I will check back and pick the right time to go for PvP.



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I think it happens with only the newest client.


In my old laptop, I have an older client and you're only required to download the images (and everything) ONCE and in later login, you will have everything ready.


But in my new laptop, I use the newest client (client, released on September 3rd) and every time I login the client now, the same problem like you occurs.


So this is why I think the problem is with the client? But I agree, if we have the option to download all contents in one go, it's speed up the game play much more and the game will be much more pleasant ad enjoyable :)

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