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Cards Not Owned Anymore But Still Open For Trade


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To The Support Team of Pokemon TCG Online:


After the latest update, the tag button for trading got disabled on all cards that are not owned by the player. That is a great change really that we have been waiting for. However, i have been experiencing another problem/bug as a result and that is not being able to un-tag the cards that i don't own anymore but marked for trade before the update. In other words, i have cards now that are open for trade but i don't own them anymore.


It would be really great if a moderator or administrator can un-tag those cards for me so no player can request them in a trade as long as i don't own them.


The list of cards that i don't own but open for trade are as follows:



  • Dialga-EX FA
  • MVenusaur-EX
  • Reshiram-EX FA
  • Venusaur-EX
  • Cheren FA
  • Fire Energy (89/95) - Foil Card - Dragons Exalted
  • Grass Energy (88/95) - Foil Card - Dragons Exalted


Your help is greatly appreciated, if you can un-tag those cards for me as i am not allowed to do that from the GUI anymore.


All the Best!

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Hello PsychicRx!


Thank you for this detailed report! I will make sure it is passed on to our support team. If you could please open a ticket regarding this issue, by clicking the support portal link in my signature, that would be great!

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Yes, only yesterday this issue proved problematic for me twice. First time I was trading with a friend and he was building a deck and picked some pokemon from my binder, however when I wanted to send him trade offer I realised I don't have some of the pokemon he asked for. Also, going through his binder, I noticed there's still some cards he doesn't own because he had 1 of each and he gave me those like a month ago. So now, when we go through each other's collection, there's a big chance that cards are not there, but still show because they are tagged.


Second example, I got trade offer (which was not realistic, but still an offer) where person wanted from me cards that I didn't have (I had them some time ago, but don't have them any more), so it's even possible to send offer to someone for cards that don't even exist in collection any more, not just see them.


My suggestion would be to reset tag data on all cards players own and introduce button that would remove cards from being visible, instead of making them visible by tagging them. It's easier to click few cards as non-tradeable than to click thousands of cards as tradeable.

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Hello trainers!


As this issue has been submitted to the Dev team for investigation, I'll be closing this thread. Please feel free to create a new one or submit a ticket to the support team if you come across any more bugs.


Thanks for your reports and your patience!

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