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Im new to the game and have no idea what these cards are worth


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hey guys


im new to this game, been playing for around 1,5 month and i just started trading


but i have no clue what these cards are worth


Dragonite EX

Heracross EX

Heracross EX FA

Lucario EX

Lucario EX FA

M. Lucario EX Foil

Seismitoad EX

Hawlucha EX



I hope someone here knows about this and have the time to help, anyways i would like to say Thank you in advance.



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You are the one who decide what they are worth, but if you're looking for how much the community wants you can check threads in the Online Trading Zone suck as the Top Cut Trading Inc and ZaftCo. Trading Company. They "sell" cards for packs, and they normally have fair prices, but with the new expansion released, the prices are a bit shaky.


HHope it was helpful.

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