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Nightfall Theme Deck


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I was looking at my achievements today, and I noticed that there was an achievement for not taking any damage from an "opponent's attack" while playing the Nightfall theme deck. So, I decided to try and unlock that achievement. I played my Nightfall theme deck against the trainer named Zach, on medium difficulty, and in the gold league. The only damage that I took during that game was my active Sableye attacking a Wigglytuff with a rocky helmet. I attacked twice for the KO and thus took 40 damage on my Sableye through Rocky Helmet. I was surprised to see that I did not complete the achievement that I wanted. I double checked the text of the achievement and it specifically said "opponent's attack". So, my question is, does Rocky Helmet count as an attack? Or is this a bug? Thank you for your help.

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Hi Dr-Professor,


There are some known issues with this achievement which the Dev team are looking into. In the meantime, we appreciate your patience! As this is a known bug, I'll be closing your thread. Please feel free to create a new one or submit a ticket via the link in my signature if you come across any other bugs.


Thanks for your report!

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