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Energies from Old Deck View Error and Achievements


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Good day,


I was viewing the old HGSS theme decks (i.e. Daybreak, Nightfall) to see if I was suppose to have any of those HGSS energies unlocked and I discovered that the editor shows the energy count as zero for these and other decks! (which, BTW, was I suppose to get HGSS energies for these decks? Because I never did; I think I got it only from the Basic RGB decks :( and from the HGSS booster packs when they used to be available...)


But when I did the Trainer Challenge with Daybreak, it had the correct energies so it may just be the display code error.


The decks I saw with 0 Energies in the decks are: Nightfall, Daybreak, Verdant Frost, Royal Guard and Voltage Vortex (strangely enough, Explosive Edge, VV's counterpart, did have the energies shown correctly)


Other theme decks with insufficient cards shown (very likely energies again since these show ~9 with one typeset missing, total cards < 60; commonly seen is missing Psychic & Electric Energies) not listed above include: Plasma Shadow, Psycrusher, Frost Ray, Mind Wipe, Power Relay, Basic Red/Blue/Green/Yellow (the non-BW series ones)






As for achievements, I noticed that I am not getting any further unlocks for the Trainer Challenge Mastery despite having 4 stars against all NPCs in all leagues. This is likely due to myself completing the Gold & Platinum leagues prior to the major upgrade and may have not been counted. Refacing/defeating the NPCs do not appear to register that I had 4 stars against them (likely with the way the code was set up to avoid giving extra booster packs by mistake).


I tried to achieve the 'Covering the Basics' with both the BW and non-BW Basic RGB decks but the game did not recognized this achievement anymore (still says 0 unlocks and I played/defeated at least once with each deck).


I think that any achievements for decks not currently owned (i.e. Night Hunter in my case) should not be counted for the total progress for the unlocks. And I noticed a lack of achievements for the latest theme decks.

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Hi Kurai-Norai!


It would be incredibly helpful to our investigation if you could submit any screenshots of the first issue you've reported. You may do so via a support ticket, which can be created by clicking the link in my signature, signing in, and clicking "Ask a Question".


Regarding your second report, this was submitted to the Dev team for investigation last week.


Thanks for your reports!

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Hello again!


As your ticket has received a response and the issue has been submitted to the Dev team, I'll be closing this thread.


Thanks again for your report!

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