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Pokemon Catcher is Bugged


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Pokemon Catcher from the Plasma Blast Series is bugged.


The card specifically states, "Switch your opponent's Active Pokemon with 1 of his or her Benched Pokemon."


However, every time I use it, the Game wants to flip a coin. There is a Pokemon Catcher variant that says "Flip a Coin", but this card does not state it. As such, the coin should not be flipped. Switching is a game-changer and being forced to discard a card because of a coin flip is an unfair glitch. I should not need to resort to Lysandre because of a technicality.


Please correct the problem.

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Guest ArtichokeCat

Well that's because an errata was issued for ALL Pokemon Catchers.

They just didn't get around to putting it on the Gold one yet. :)

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Hi Mesden,


Pokémon Catcher received an errata which states: Flip a coin. If heads, switch 1 of your opponent's Benched Pokémon with his or her Active Pokémon.


This is working as intended and is not a bug. As such, I'll be closing this thread.


Thanks for playing!

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