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  • Various fixes to card bugs and game bugs.
  • Two tutorial matches have been added to teach new users the basic gameplay rules of the Pokémon TCG.



  • The Pokémon TCG: XY—Furious Fists expansion is now available in the game.
  • New deckboxes and card sleeves have been added to the Shop.



  • The versus screen at the beginning of each match has been updated.
  • Improvements have been made to the interface for Abilities that can be used multiple times in the same turn, such as Sinister Hand and Deluge.



  • Users logging into the game for the first time will receive the Mental Might deck (rather than the Basic Orange deck) as the Versus Mode theme deck. Existing users will have the Mental Might deck added to their collection upon logging into the game after downloading the patch.
  • Each user who logged in to the game between February 5, 2014, and August 12, 2014, has been granted a commemorative set of Beta Rewards card sleeves.



  • Avatars and their associated items now load dynamically, similar to card assets. Upon viewing an avatar item for the first time, users will see a brief placeholder image while the asset is downloaded to the game. Once the download is completed, the placeholder will not appear again for that item.



  • Users must now have at least one tradable copy of an item before the For Trade tag can be applied to it.
  • The Offers to Me tab is highlighted when a user has one or more new offers.
  • Users can now hide Public Offers that they cannot accept.
  • Users can now filter Public Offers by Cards, Packs, Gameplay items, or Avatar items, with additional filter options specific to each item type.



  • Users can no longer join more than one general public chat lobby, though they may still join multiple specialized public chat lobbies, such as Casual Strategy, Pokémon Fan Chat, and Trading.

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