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The Deck they don't want you to see ~_-*BlissCube*-_~


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So i just tried to post this deck and spent an hour on typing the intricacies of the strategy. I then hit post and it disappeared.. Common human mistake or is it the man trying to stop the masses from knowing the pwnage that is








-14 Pkmn



Chansey x4

Blissey x3

Kangaskhan EX x3

M Kang EX x1

Darkrai x1

Virizion x1

Mew x1 or even Tropius (see the strategy section)



-32 Trainers (this is really a preference thing)




Heavy ball x2

Pal Pad x3

Rando Receiver x4

Megaphone x1

Super rod x1




Colress x3

Lysandre x1

Pkmn Cntr Lady x2

Pkmn Fan Club x2

Shauna x2

Skyla x3




Aspertia Gym x2

Shadow Circle x1




Life Dew

***Protection Cube*** <~~ Very Important





14 Energy



Rainbow x4

Dbl Col x4

Blend Dark/Leaf x3

Leaf x3




Strategy and other options



This is a strategy that can be used with any Big HP, Colorless Pkmn (Lugia Ex, Tornadus Ex)

My choice came down to the Pkmn with the most Hp, M Kangaskhan. With aspertia the max hp goes to 250 and if you wanna be real cute you can add a giant cape, but for me I prefer Life Dew on a M Evo.. Nothing like 1 prize for a 250 hp Pkmn. Another cool thing i just thought was Rock Guard and just keep MKang healed.



Now for the real art of the deck which is a strategy that can be used in a lot of decks. Soft boiled Blissey with a Protection Cube. With Aspertia the Hp goes to 150 for a stage 1 pkmn, and does a whopping 90 dmg. Which can know out any average EX Pkmn in 2 hits! As long as a cube is on him/her, Blissey wont get the double edge 60 Dmg and can get hit by most attacks at least once and attempt to heal on your next turn.



This is where Virizion and Darkrai come into play as well as the optional Pkmn Center Lady. Since Blissey is not completely invulnerable to Tko's (ie Laserbank)..... well, let's face it.. Poison is lame no matter what, and Virizion can cripple or at least maim your opponents strategy. For that, Virizion is a must for me. Darkrai is also a must in this deck because the retreat cost of Kang and Blissey is up there and because you need the Protection Cube on Blissey, Float Stones are a no go.



Mew is a viable option for an extra Wham Bam Punch, or for moving special energies if you have an extra turn. As well as the ability to take out Mewtwo if your timing is right. One of my personal favorite options at the time is Tropius. It has the ability to give you cards in a tight spot as well as an attack that can TKO Suicune/Keldeo/Sigilyph and other energy stacking Pkmn.



The big debate is really over the Trainers, but here are some must have cards for this deck.

Heavy balls can be used not only to get your attackers out but also to evolve your pkmn, you could potentially replace the Fan Clubs with heavy balls but i would rather have the option to get out Virizion or Darkrai with a fan club or two. Of course Ultra Ball can be useful to thin out your deck if you want. Another awesome strategy to invest in with this deck is Pkmn Center Lady. There is nothing more discouraging for your opponent than doing 150 dmg to your MKang Ex only for your turn to start with 60 dmg healed by with Pkmn Center Lady and 3 lucky flips with soft boiled. You may also want to try taking out Colress and Shauna and replacing them with Roller Skates or Bicycle as well as running only 3 Supporters at max capacity to really get the use out of the Rando Receiver, essentially turning your Rando Receiver into a 33% Receiver. Making it more likely to get that essential Pkmn Center Lady or Skyla. If you have started going through your supporters you can Pal Pad and make it an 80% Receiver and really get the cards you need. Shadow Circle is for your taste, I use it in any Rainbow/Blend energy deck that uses Pkmn with common weakness'.

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Heavy Ball and Blend energy are going to rotate next month , and the new fighting pokemons are going to hit hard on MKanga and Blissey so idk

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alright so i posted this right before the release, or day of.. thats not the point.. the point is, I got my rear kicked by a Furious Fist deck real quick.. I think the must's now would be Shadow Circle and Darkrai with this deck, or any deck that is Weak to fighting energy. They are hard enough without a weakness. I think this deck really has a couple of good strategies to take from.. The protection cube is a cool strategy with other cards that are hard to justify playing.. other cards that are pretty common cards are Electrode w/ self dectruct, which could knock out yveltal and some other pesky Pkmn, also Golem with Explosion could do some real harm with fighting upgrades. Also, the strategy to get your MEvo's out quick, and keep them well Healed with whatever you can, Serperior(royal heal), Cherrim(fair weather heal), and even better, Pkmn center lady, because she can heal special conditions and be recycled with pal pads. You can run out whatever supporters you don't need up front and pal pad them mid game and you will not stop healing the whole game. If nothing else you can make your opponent card out, just from not dying, which is still a win come tournament time. This deck has taken some Mega hits and had them healed in 2 turns.

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Shadow Circle probably won't work unless you run 3-4, as any good fighting player will run 2-3 counter stadiums

also, if it's the blissey from Dark Explorers, (I'm pretty sure that's the softboiled one) won't it also be rotated?

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