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The support is taking ages to respond. Is it lack of manpower or do they find some cases where they really don't want to answer to you?

Also today i made a thread which i removed some hours after i made it because it was against the ToS before mods showed up in the thread. When they showed up i guess they can read edited posts so they told me that such posts should be handled by the support guessing she read only the first sentence because i clearly said in the post that support isn't answering me for more then 24 hours.

What i want to suggest is Mods should read the entire post before commenting and second get more support staff if it can't handle the amount of questions it receives.

And yea i'm pretty mad .

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Hey there!


The moderation team is unable to comment on private support inquiries, especially those regarding disciplinary action. Therefore the mod could not comment on the entirety of your post and directed you to the support portal to address the issue further, as per our Forum Rules, found in the link at bottom of every forum page:


Discipline Is Private: A community member who violates the code of conduct may be subject to disciplinary action. This is considered a private matter between that community member and the moderators. The forums are not an appropriate place to contest, refute, or discuss disciplinary actions.



It should also be noted that by default the support team attempts to answer all inquiries within a 48 hour period. Sending in multiple tickets within that period often hinders the review period instead of expediting it. Therefore we ask that you exercise patience as your inquiry is reviewed.


As this thread's purpose is seemingly aimed to draw flaming and non-constructive posts, it will be closed. Regardless, we appreciate your feedback.



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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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