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2 Bug Found


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Today I found 2 bug:


1. When I am in the middle of ranked standard battle with someone, the game suddenly teleport me into another battle, dumping the current battle. The new opponent i had, said he has no idea and this is happen to him the same way i do too. He teleported to the battle we had when he is on the middle of another battle. And the deck that I use on that "sudden battle" not the usuall deck i used to (I win the battle, tho..). Honestly, this is not the first time I had "Sudden Battle" like this. A few days ago this is happen to me, like twice. So today was the third.


2. This is happen when I am in the middle of that "sudden battle". When I play Random Receiver (ITEM), my turn ended unexpectly. And this is happen twice on that same battle, so i am so sure about this.


Thank for your attention.


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Hi RayithKHY,


Do these "sudden battles" occur when you have previously made a matchmaking request and then cancelled it to make a new one?


It sounds like this report could possibly be attributed to a slow or faulty internet connection. We recommend checking your internet connection for stability, closing any unnecessary background programs that could be interfering with your connection, and running an antivirus/malware scan.


In addition, it wouldn't hurt to open your Options panel (the two gears symbol) and set your Performance settings to "Fastest" under the video tab.


Regarding your issue with Random Receiver, we have been unable to replicate this. Random Receiver is played successfully, and the turn is able to continue. Any more information you may have would be incredibly helpful in our investigation.


Please let us know if any of this helps, and thanks for your reports!

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