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H: FA EX's, Reg. EX's W: Packs


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Pretty simple, I've got some cards that I'm looking to move for some packs. Plasma series packs take priority.




FA Yveltal EX (8 packs) PENDING

FA Kangaskhan EX (4 packs)

Kangaskhan EX (2 packs)

Charizard EX Combustion Blast (4 packs) PENDING



Plasma packs, or feel free to offer with others.

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ill take the cb charizard. 4 ps packs. can you send me the offer in-game? it often disconnects me when i do. thanks :)


I'll send you the offer when the server is back up! Thanks!

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i have packs and want to trade with yveltal-ex FA.pm me vietsyle in game


I'll send you the offer after the server goes back up, thanks!


i will have Yveltal-EX and Charizard-EX CB please reply after maintenance.. thanks


The first two people to reply get priority, sorry! If anything falls through I'll let you know.

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