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I am Looking for These Cards for Experimental Decks.


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Below is a list of cards that I would like to have in a few experimental decks. The offers for the cards will be next to them after the ";" symbol. All trade offers below are not final and are open for negotiations. However, they are on Public Trade on TCGO as well.


When trades have been accepted I'll remove the offer on here.


Update: [/************ have expired on Public Trade.



Bronzong (HS-Triumphant); Offer: 2x Aegislash (85/146 + 86/146).

Celebi Prime (HS-Triumphant); Offer: Groudon-EX + Cobalion-EX.

Celebi Prime (HS-Triumphant); Offer: Entei-EX + Yveltal-EX.



In addition to the trades above I am always on the look out for Full Art cards, Secret Rare cards, and Prime cards. So if you have any up for trade feel free to post below and I'll be happy to make an offer.

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