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The most annoying deck out deck... ever. Sugestions welcome :)


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So deck out decks by definition are pretty annoying. I wanted to create the most annoying one I could... so I set out to do it in unlimited where there are more options.


The strategy I decided to use was the Malamar mental trash + Sableye strategy in standard, but add an unlimited twist to it. That basic portion of the strategy is simple, Malamar has an attack called "Mental Trash" that makes your opponent flip 4 coins and for each tails, he/she discards a card from his hand. A red card brings your opponent down to 4 cards, then you use Malamar to try and leave them with as little option as possible.


The Slowking line is the most important addition in unlimited. Second sight, the ability of the Slowking that I run 2 of, allows me to look at either deck and rearrange the top 3 cards of either my deck or my opponents. This can make sure your opponent doesn't get any vital cards, or that you do. Coupled with trick shovel, you can make sure you are discarding your opponents most vital cards. I also run Slowking prime, which allows your opponent look at the top 2 cards of your deck and pick 1 of those cards to give you. Coupled with the other Slowking, it allows you to get up a minor draw engine if needed.


The Weavile line is not made to be a star, but instead for a vital hand discard when needed. Sometimes you can't discard every important card your opponent may draw and that's where Weavile comes in. Weavile's "Claw Snag" ability allows you to look at your opponents hand and pick any one card to discard. Coupled with devolution spray, this allows you to pick of vital cards from your opponents hand.


I also run a single Mr. Mime. Mr Mime's "Trick Reveal" ability, allows both players to see each others hands. This can help a lot coupled with Slowking's second sight and trick shovel to ensure your opponent doesn't draw what he/she needs to draw.


The Darkrai-ex is there simply for free retreat and if really desperate - an attacker. The Jirachi-ex is to get a supporter if needed.


The deck list is below - it actually works decently if you can get going quickly. If anyone wants to come up with suggestions, that would be welcome. I don't plan on playing this deck often really, since its waaaay too slow and time consuming, but it works sort of :)!


So far this is what I have come up with:



1x Darkrai ex

2x Inkay

2x Mental trash Malamar

4x Sableye junk hunt

1x Sneasel with corner, 1x Sneasel with 70 hp

2x Weavile with Claw Snag ability

3x Slowpoke

2x Slowking with Second Sight

1x Slowking Prime

1x Mr Mime (With Trick Reveal ability)

1x Jirachi Ex


= 21 pokemon



6 darkness




2 Dark patch

1 Enhanced Hammer

1 Crushing Hammer

1 Devolution spray

2 Hypnotoxic lasers

1 Virbank

1 Evosoda

1 Junk Arm

2 Ultra Ball

3 Red Card

1 Startling Megaphone

3 Trick Shovel

1 Super Rod

1 Life Dew

1 Ghetsis

1 Lysandre

1 Twins

3 Skyla

4 Professor Oak

1 Juniper

1 N

= 33 Trainers


33 + 21 + 6 = 60


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I play this deck, but without slowking, and 4 lasers. Yesterday I won my local tournament with this deck. I play four ghetsis, and I use dowsing machine as the ace spec. I also don't play weavile or twins. I use a deck that works in the current format. I don't play junk arm either. It's a really fun deck and you can take multiple wins with it. It's a cool idea to use slowking. The biggest problem I have with the deck is that people will flip two tails and keep a juniper in their hand. I like your unlimited deck ideas, but I would play more ghetsis.

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I recommend using the new drowzee, with its attack whenever your opponent flips a coin during their next turn treat it as tails, so when you use malamar u can make sure they discard 4 cards. Another great deck milling pokemon is very difficult to use, kyogre/groudon legend, dicard the top 5 cards of your opponent's deck, this attack does 30 times the number of energy you discarded to each of their benched pokemon, it's hard to get in play but you can discard 5 cards from your opponents deck and do damage to all of their bench pokemon

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If anyone wants to come up with suggestions, that would be welcome.


I have this advice for now: replacing the Enhanced Hammer with the better unlimited solution Lost Word Remover.

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