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Friend Forever Blocked


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A few months ago I was able to play with my friends normally, everything was working fine but we then all stopped playing, now i have come back to this game as has my friend and for some reason he is on my blocked list. this wouldn't be so irritating if i could remove him from my blocked list and add him as a friend again so i can battle and trade with him but the problem is that i am unable to remove him.


whenever i attempt to remove him from my blocked list his name disappears for around 1s then reappears as if i had blocked him again meaning i am unable to unblock him having never blocked him in the first place. this really bugs me because we cannot private trade or battle if he's on the blocked list.


if anyone has had this issue and solved it please let me know asap i would greatly appreciate it


Ps i am on Windows 7

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Hi Zwulfy,


Sorry to hear about this issue. I took a quick look and this is going to have to be sent to a higher power. If you could go ahead and submit a bug report, that would be great! You can do so via the Support Portal (link in my signature).



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