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[FAN-FICTION] The Region of Tecugo


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The Region of Tecugo


By Antirocketcloudy


I’m also known as Prince Ludwig, LudwigVonKoopa, PrinceOfKoopas or some other similar name. I really shouldn’t be writing this story now to begin with. But enough of this first-person narration! It’s time to delve into Tecugo, the region in the Pokémon world that our story takes place in.






I'm not responsible for TCGO's bad forum formatting. Everything looks beautiful in my Microsoft Word document. So there.




Table of Contents



[*]<a target="ROUND ONE: VS. EEVEE!" href="http://www.pokemontcg.com/forums/general-discussion-20/topics/fan-fiction-the-region-of-tecugo?page=1#post-37809">ROUND ONE: VS. EEVEE![/url]



























Readable version:












Runeis's Version:









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If you would like your character idea/yourself/a character to represent you (or wotever), then fill out this little sheet and I'll consider it. I'm free to do wotever I want with the idea due to artistic license. heart.gif That's 'cause Tecugo is obviously a fan-fiction based on TCGO. ...That's why Tecugo is just 'TCGO' with vowels in-between the letters.






Character Name:










Screen-Name: Shadow_Warriors


Character Name: James


Personality: Goth but not emo or isolated


Pokémon: Cyndaquil (Cynor) Gothita (Gizmo) Venipede (Venasword)






Screen-Name: frank46433


Character Name: Francisco


Personality: Funny, loves girls like Brock. He cares about his pokemon to the max. To him, his Pokémon are his family/team. Even though he goofs a lot, he knows when to goof at the appropriate time. He doesn't have much hate unless it's on something like those organizations that hurt Pokémon. He always has ways to catch his opponent off guard during battles because of his observations and wild imagination. He challenges the Gyms but you will mostly see him in big adventures and hanging out with other trainers.


Pokémon: Piplup (usually out of the Poké Ball), Simipour and Galvantula




Screen-Name: Stickly


Character Name: Stickly


Personality: A new trainer who hopes to be a great one


Pokémon: Charmeleon and Pichu (Usually walk with Stickly out of Poké Balls), Nidorino, Scizor, Croconaw, and Treecko.




Screen-Name: popandbop


Character Name:John


Personality: Hot-tempered. Likes to battle. His goal is to beat the Tecugo League. Sometimes he goofs off, other times he is dead serious.


Pokémon: Deino, Haunter (normally out of his Poké Ball, nickname Ghostman), Bulbasaur, Larvesta (nickname: Bugburn)








Character Biographies


(Note that these are up-to-date with the current Round, thus, if you haven't read up to that point, the biography may spoil you)




Walker: This 13-year old boy is the protagonist of the story. He lived in the Maple Grove all his life and now he's finally going to go under his own Pokémon journey. He's very excited, but he doesn't know as much about Pokémon as his childhood friends, Runeis and Nintenduck, do. He has 9450 Poké, a Good Rod, two servings of All-Purpose Bait, and one Poké Ball. Appears in Rounds: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5


  • Washishi (Rufflet): Washishi is Walker's Pokémon pal since... well, the full details aren't revealed yet on how exactly they met, but obviously before Walker turned 13 as they are familiar with each other. Washishi loves to perch on Walker's shoulders. Washishi appears to actually be physically weak, being easily defeated by a wild Sunkern and trounced by the wild Vigoroth. It is Naive-natured. Washishi knows Peck, Leer, Fury Attack, and Wing Attack, and it has the ability Keen Eye. Appears in Rounds: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
  • Patchiriru (Spinda): Patchiriru is the first Pokémon Walker caught on his journey, on Route 301. It enjoys going on Uproar tamper tantrums, to the dismay of everyone. Even though Walker threw a rock at it to capture it, it now trusts Walker due to being saved from a wild Vigoroth. It almost single-handedly was able to defeat all of Calvin's Pokémon for Walker's first gym battle win. It is Rash-natured. Patchiriru knows Uproar, Drain Punch and Shock Wave. Appears in Rounds: 2, 3, 4, 5
  • Kibanban (Carvanha): Kibanban is the second Pokémon that Walker caught. He caught this shark while fishing in Quadux Fishing Hole. Not much is known about it, although it likes All-Purpose Bait. Like any non-amphibious fish, it is nearly useless while on land. It is Lonely-natured. Kibanban knows Water Pulse, Frustration, Bite and Scary Face. It has the ability Rough Skin. Appears in Rounds: 4, 5

Nintenduck: His real name is Nestor, but everyone calls him Nintenduck. He's Walker's childhood friend who also lived in the Maple Grove all his life, and is also 13 years old. He knows more about Pokémon and has more common sense about how to conduct a journey than Walker, and Walker wants to be his rival. Bought a Super Rod from Quadux Town, which probably means he got swindled by Calvin's father. Based on the user NintenDuck. Appears in Rounds: 1, 3, 4, 5


  • Munchlax: Munchlax is Nintenduck's Pokémon pal since before his journey, like Washishi to Walker. Munchlax is powerful and durable, as Munchlaxes usually are. Nintenduck has the desire to evolve him, and holds him in a special Luxury Ball. Munchlax knows Metronome and Tackle. Appears in Rounds: 1, 3, 4
  • Ducklett: Nintenduck likely caught his Ducklett at Quadux Fishing Hole, naturally adoring it due to his affinity for ducks. Ducklett knows Wing Attack. Appears in Rounds: 4
  • Psyduck: Nintenduck caught this Psyduck in Quadux Fishing Hole while attempting to catch a Golduck. The wild Golduck was defended by two Psyduck minions, and while the minions prevented Golduck from being captured, Nintenduck managed to capture one of the minions. Psyduck knows Water Gun. Appears in Rounds: 4
  • Unknown: Nintenduck mentioned catching a "rare powerful Pokémon" on Route 301, and was able to defeat an unknown trainer with it all by itself. Caught in Round: 5 Appears in Rounds: N/A

Runeis: This 15 year old girl dresses up in an Eevee fursuit, and seems obsessed with Eevees. She is also Walker and Nintenduck's childhood friend from the Maple Grove, but unlike them she is less interested in gym battles than getting the money to make more fursuits and plushies of Eevee and its evolutionary line. Runeis's cosplaying ways are well-known to her friends. Based on the user Aruneproject. Appears in Rounds: 1, 2


  • Eevee: Unlike Runeis's fursuit, this Eevee is real. Eevee is adorable and loves her trainer. Eevee is Runeis's signature Pokémon, and Runeis revealed that she actually has several Eevees in her apartment. Eevee knows Synchronoise, Tackle and Iron Tail. Appears in Rounds: 1, 2
  • Deino: Not much is known about Runeis's Deino, but it clearly wasn't caught in the Maple Grove. Like all Deino, Runeis's is blind yet strong. Deino knows Focus Energy, Bite and Dragon Pulse. Appears in Rounds: 1
  • Nuzleaf: Runeis caught Nuzleaf as an example to Walker on how to catch a Pokémon. Despite being the Wily Pokémon, Runeis easily tricked Nuzleaf and caught it with ease. Runeis has no plans for Nuzleaf's future. Nuzleaf's only known move is Bullet Seed. Appears in Rounds: 2

Professor Maple: This professor resides over the entire Maple Grove, and he aspires to be recognized as the official regional professor of Tecugo. He wishes to develop Tecugo into a region of similiar esteem as Kanto. He's a kind and intelligent man, who believes in the worth of all Pokémon. Based on the user Professor Maple. Appears in Rounds: 1


Calvin: The gym leader of Quadux Town. He's an extremely timid boy who is new to the position. He trains water Pokémon, although his gym is supposed to also have ice type Pokémon. He catches all of his Pokémon from the Quadux Fishing Hole. His father is a hearty man who owns a local shop with fishing equipment. Walker defeated him 3-0 in a gym battle, although it was quite close. Based on the Trainer's Challenge character Calvin. Appears in Rounds: 5




  • Finneon: Calvin's Finneon is rather weak. Calvin uses it as a scout Pokémon due to its only known move, U-turn. It was knocked out by Walker's Spinda with ease. Appears in Rounds: 5
  • Poliwhirl: Calvin's Poliwhirl is his strongest Pokémon, at least in the gym battle against Walker. It's quite versatile, and it seems to have the closest bond with Calvin. However, while nearly defeating Walker's Carvanha and Rufflet, it was easily subdued by Walker's Spinda. It knows Water Gun, Ice Punch, Hypnosis, and Body Slam. It has the ability Water Absorb. Appears in Rounds: 5
  • Luvdisc: Much to the amusement of Nintenduck, Calvin's last Pokémon that he used against Walker was a Luvdisc. Luvdisc proved more formidable than it appeared, however, but it was still knocked out by Walker's Spinda without taking down any of Walker's other Pokémon. Luvdisc knows Scald, Agility, Ice Beam, and Mud Sport. Appears in Rounds: 5

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Walker was right beside his childhood friend, Nintenduck, or as he was really known, Nestor. They were both 13-year olds in the Maple Grove, the name of the field research laboratory of Professor Maple. Due to the size of the Maple Grove, it was actually its own town and where Walker and Nintenduck were born.


Professor Maple was the main professor in the region of Tecugo, said to be in competition against Professor Oak from Kanto in developing Tecugo as the premier Pokémon region in terms of education and trainer ability. Tecugo isn’t a native habitat to any Pokémon – all of the Pokémon in Tecugo have been imported from the other regions. Unlike most of the other regions in the Pokémon world, the Pokémon League in Tecugo mandated that all beginning trainers have a minimum of 13 years of life in the Pokémon world before going off on their journeys. Of course, the other regions in the world only require one to be 10 years of age, but the self-styled professors who make up the government and law-enforcement body of Tecugo, known only as “TPCI” (which isn’t known to stand for anything), prohibit anyone less than 13-years old to be venturing out in the world with Pokémon. That did not, however, prevent Walker and Nintenduck from owning Pokémon. They simply were going to Professor Maple in order to receive their Trainer IDs.


Walker had his Rufflet that he nicknamed “Washishi” and Nintenduck walked alongside his Munchlax, who apparently lacked a nickname. The two boys were extremely excited.


“Washishi, ready to finally explore Tecugo?!” Walker asked his Rufflet enthusiastically.


“Ruff!” Washishi cheered.


“Oh, Walker, I’ve been meaning to ask you something.” Nintenduck asked. However, right after he did ask, Professor Maple approached the two boys with a shiny glint in his eyes.


“Walker, Nestor! Sorry to keep you two waiting! Here is your Trainer ID, five Poké Balls and your very own Pokédex!” Maple passed out one set of the important travel items to each of the two boys.


“Thank you so much, Professor Maple!” The two boys said simultaneously.


“Have fun now, and stay safe!” Professor Maple said, excitedly. “You two fill up that Pokédex!”


Walker and Nintenduck walked away from Professor Maple and started talking to each other in a very fast tempo.


“Wow this Pokédex looks so cool!” Walker cheered.


“My ID looks so awesome!” Nintenduck yelled.


“Washishi, look at my ID! We can go on adventures now!” Walker said. Washishi the Rufflet jumped on Walker’s shoulder. Walker didn’t mind the 23.1 pounds of weight from the Eaglet Pokémon. Walker in fact sprinted forward, eager to travel across Tecugo.


Nintenduck just stood there. “Oh, Walker. So I’ve been meaning to ask you… Are we going to travel together?”


Walker’s sprint slowed to a stop. “Travel together? Well, I haven’t thought about that, to be honest.”


“What have you thought of, anyway? Did you even think once about the logistics of our journey?” Nintenduck sighed.


“Well, in fact, I haven’t. I expected mom and dad to figure that out for me.” Walker said.


Munchlax was in some of the Maple Grove’s bushes, rustling in there and probably eating something. Nintenduck removed Munchlax’s Luxury Ball from his pocket and returned the Big Eater in a giant red light. The rustles temporarily ceased.


“Journeying isn’t just about Pokémon skill. I assume we’re going to travel and challenge the nine Gyms, which will take us all over Tecugo and over many different types of terrain. That includes the skill of food conservation, the ability to set up shelter, and many other abilities. Unlike you, you know I don’t have parents to do everything for me. That’s why I plan to get one certain Pokémon early.”


Walker shuddered. Nintenduck was right: How was he going to survive the dangers of Tecugo? “Well? Which Pokémon?”


Nintenduck laughed. “Unless we travel together, I guess you won’t find out until it happens!”


“Why not just tell me now?!” Walker replied, irritated.


“I came up with the idea myself and I don’t want you taking it.” Nintenduck countered.


“I get it, you know more about Pokémon than I do and you probably won’t even need that Pokédex. You always have all the answers, so share them!” Walker whined.


“Okay. It’s Tropius. Tropius’s neck is covered in regenerating fruit, and it provides a mode of transportation on its wings. It’s the perfect travel companion.” Nintenduck said.


Walker was in awe of Nintenduck’s knowledge. “See, you’re AMAZING. Hey, why are you traveling with Munchlax anyway? Wouldn’t it be a large burden with its unrestrained ‘diet’?”


Nintenduck glared at Walker. “You KNOW Snorlax is my favorite Pokémon. Munchlax is going to evolve and be super strong!”


“Just kidding. Sort of.” Walker said. “You know, I wish Runeis was here.”


Runeis was another one of Walker’s friends, and also one of Nintenduck’s friends. She started her Pokémon journey two years ago and was now fifteen.


“Why?” Nintenduck asked.


“Well, she has been traveling for two years already and so she already knows those survival tactics. And I really miss her too.”


And suddenly, a wild GIGANTIC Eevee appeared! It leapt from the bushes right in front of Walker and Nintenduck. Both boys screamed.


“Munchlax, come on out! It’s a giant Eevee!” Nintenduck yelled, sending out his Munchlax to fight the Eevee.


“Washishi, I don’t know why there’s a giant Eevee here, but Runeis would like it. But it looks ready to fight!”


Washishi jumped off Walker’s shoulder in front of the giant Eevee, who was on the ground rolling around laughing at Walker and Nintenduck.


“Oh, you think this is funny?” Walker yelled. “Washishi, use your--…”


The Eevee interrupted Walker’s command. “Oh, stop being silly. It’s only me, Runeis!” The Eevee said, scaring Walker even more.


“She actually traveled around Tecugo in that fursuit?” Nintenduck asked, disappointed. He returned Munchlax to its Luxury Ball.


“Washishi, it’s a talking Eevee! Get rid of it! Use Peck!”


“Walker, what are you doing?!” Nintenduck slammed his hand against his face in embarrassment.


The Rufflet jumped towards the giant talking Eevee, but the Eevee released another Eevee from a Poké Ball, which tackled Washishi to the ground before the bird could use Peck on the bigger Eevee.


“You’re not ruining my costume!” The giant Eevee protested, taking off its head… to reveal a girl’s head!


“Runeis! It’s you!” Walker screamed.


“That’s what I’ve been trying to tell you!” Nintenduck said, dismayed.


Washishi jumped off the ground and shook off its damage. It glared at the actual Eevee.


“I thought you wanted to see me, so I showed up. I didn’t think you’d give me such a rude welcome, though. Of course I remembered to come the very day you two were eligible to become Pokémon trainers!” Runeis said.


“Oh, sorry Runeis.”


Nintenduck thought something was odd. “You came perfectly on time. You have been wearing that fursuit during your whole journey?”


“Uh huh.” Replied Runeis.


“How many badges do you have?” Nintenduck asked.


Runeis blushed in embarrassment. “Well, you see, I haven’t been going for any badges…”


“Then what exactly have you done in the past two years?” Walker asked. His Rufflet still glared at Runeis’s Eevee.


“How many Pokémon do you have?” Nintenduck more smartly inquired.


“I… Okay! I haven’t really done anything in the past two years with my journey! I wanted to wait for you two! Well, that’s not true. You see I got a job at Selisika City at a hobby store and I’ve been able to work there and get money to be able to afford materials to make costumes for each of the evolutions of Eevee. You don’t understand; the Maple Grove doesn’t have so many nice things to buy! And then I also had to use the materials to make the costumes, which takes a while to make from scratch, you know!” Runeis ranted, defending herself.


“You got all the way to Selisika City and you didn’t stop by the Gym there? Or even all of the Gyms you’re supposed to go through in order to reach Selisika?” Nintenduck wondered. Walker just sat down, cross-legged, next to Washishi and witnessed the argument.


“Well Selisika is a major urban shopping center! So I went there as fast as possible, you know. I haven’t not trained Eevee during that time, in case you think that. Hey, I can prove it to you! Nintenduck, Walker. How about a double battle against me?” Runeis offered.


Walker jumped to his feet. “A battle? Sure!”


“You’re on.” Said Nintenduck.


Walker and Nintenduck separated themselves from Runeis by several yards.


“Washishi, go!” Walker commanded. The Rufflet jumped forward.


Nintenduck released Munchlax from its Luxury Ball. “Munchlax, I choose you!”


Runeis put the head of her Eevee costume back on and motioned her own Eevee to scamper forward. She held another Poké Ball and opened it, releasing a Deino.


“You two make the first move.” Runeis smiled, although one just saw a giant bipedal Eevee.


Walker looked quizzically at the Deino. Hanging around Nintenduck, he knew plenty of Pokémon already, but never heard about that one. He whipped out his Pokédex, which stated:


“Deino, the dark and dragon type Irate Pokémon. Deino are blind creatures that move around and bite everything near them in order to interact with the outside environment. Approach with caution.”


While Walker was scanning Deino on his Pokédex, Nintenduck was already ordering an attack. “Munchlax, Metronome now!”


Munchlax wagged its finger and opened its mouth to release a peculiar green ball of energy, revealed to be Energy Ball. It shot it out at Deino, who was struck by it.


“Why did you aim that at Deino? It’s not very effective, right?” Walker asked.


“Don’t ask questions and make your move already! Didn’t you listen to the Pokédex? You want to hit Deino with ranged attacks!” Nintenduck snapped at Walker.


“Oh. Washishi, use Leer!”


Washishi glared heavily at Eevee and Deino, lowering Eevee’s defense. However, Deino, being blind, was unaffected by the Leer.


“Our turn! Deino, Focus Energy! Eevee, use Synchronoise!” Runeis commanded.


Deino took a deep breath, while Eevee opened its mouth. Walker and Nintenduck failed to hear anything from it, but both Munchlax and Washishi looked like an invisible force had struck them and both Pokémon fell backward.


“What? I’ve never heard of that move!” Walker complained. He looked at Nintenduck, who for once looked extremely surprised.


“Munchlax, get back up and use Metronome!”


“Uh, right. Washishi, go to Eevee and use Peck!”


Munchlax rubbed its two hands together, and then made a sudden motion with them back towards its stomach. A small tornado emerged from its hands to the ground, and the Twister attack grew in diameter and height as it rotated forward towards Deino and Eevee. Washishi jumped towards Eevee, who jumped over Washishi, away from the Twister, and used Tackle on Washishi’s backside, sending it flying towards Deino. Deino could sense Washishi was flying towards it, and it used Bite on Washishi’s talons to hold Washishi in place. Munchlax’s Twister then came and sucked in Deino, along with the trapped Washishi. Eventually the Twister subsided and it spat both Pokémon out, and Washishi fainted. Deino looked heavily damaged as well.


Walker ran towards Washishi, picking it up off the ground. “Washishi… We lost our first ever Pokémon battle…”


Nintenduck stared at Walker. “Hey, buddy, you’re in the middle of the battlefield… This battle isn’t over yet! I… I mean, we, we can still win this! Munchlax, Metronome again!”


Walker quickly ducked for cover to the side of the battlefield as Munchlax wagged its fingers again. But nothing happened. Munchlax just sat down on the ground contently.


“Metronome pulled Roost?! Munchlax isn’t even damaged…”


“Eevee, use Tackle on Munchlax! Deino, follow the sound of Eevee’s Tackle and use Dragon Pulse in that direction!”


Eevee ran intentionally loudly to Munchlax and Tackled the nearly naturally immobile Pokémon in the stomach. Eevee then jumped on Munchlax’s head as Deino shot out a Dragon Pulse to Munchlax’s face. Eevee jumped off Munchlax’s head to its backside as Dragon Pulse collided into Munchlax, sending it backwards. Munchlax fainted.


“And that Dragon Pulse looked like a critical hit! Well, looks like I win! See, Nintenduck? I have been doing some things.” Runeis said happily.


Nintenduck just looked at Munchlax. “I guess you’re right. Munchlax, great work. Take a rest.” Nintenduck pressed the button on his Luxury Ball and Munchlax returned inside it.


“Well. You two should restore your Pokémon’s hit points at a Health Restoration Machine. There’s one deeper in the Grove. I took a vacation day to visit you two, so I have to go now!” Runeis said, waving at Walker and Nintenduck.


“Bye Runeis.” Nintenduck said.


Walker still cradled his Rufflet. “Oh! Uh, Runeis! Can I come with you?”


“I thought you were going to be journeying with Nintenduck.” Runeis responded.


“No, I won’t be. I want to do this journey with myself. Nintenduck and you are my rivals now.” Walker said.


Nintenduck was visibly confused. “So you want to do it yourself but want to come with her…?”


Walker blushed. “You know, I really don’t know what I’m saying anymore. I’m going to heal Washishi and talk to my parents and the professor. Uh, bye Runeis! Bye Nintenduck!” Walker then ran back in Professor Maple’s direction.


“Rivals?” Runeis peeped.


“I don’t know why, but I think he really doesn’t want to be with me for some reason. I think he’s way over-romanticizing this. Then again, I’m really excited too!” Nintenduck said, leaving the Maple Grove. Runeis left as well.


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.___. nice. Good wordplay.




.......I don't know what I want you to represent me as.........but I somehow trust you on this one Ludwig....... >.>


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Because the way it's set up, it's perfect in my mind. >_>;






Keep in mind I plotted how you'd fit in perfectly while I still knew you as "Scrafty girl who likes reptiles" back in early May.




<strike>Mew is a one-off trainer who is hunting for a chance to catch Mew.</strike>




Anyway, I decided to actually post this because certain other people are making literary attempts but don't know how to write well. Maybe this'll teach them some things.




I dunno new round every week at the latest sounds do-able. It's much easier to write chapters for this than Events of Star World, at least.




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idc. i'm <strike>a little</strike>EXTREMELY creeped out about being in some fanfic i don't wanna be involved in. ._.

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I need to bump this 'cause... Well, all of my urls to this are sort of for the old General Discussion (board 20) AND NOW WE'RE IN BOARD 25.


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Screen name: Shadow_Warriors


chracter name: James


personality: goth but not emo or icolated


pokemon: Cyndaquil (Cynor) Gothita (Gizmo) Venipede (Venasword)


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Screen name: Shadow_Warriors


chracter name: James


personality: goth but not emo or icolated


pokemon: Cyndaquil (seeing as I think we have to start with stg 1s) and Venipede


No Gothita? tounge_smile.png


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Screen name: Shadow_Warriors


chracter name: James


personality: goth but not emo or icolated


pokemon: Cyndaquil (seeing as I think we have to start with stg 1s) and Venipede


No Gothita? tounge_smile.png



hmmm good idea but idk the rules and I don't wanna screw his story up. I might just swap venipede for gothita instead of 3 pkmns


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Shadow, you can put wotever you want. I'm not obligated to actually use anything you put there. Using higher evolution Pokémon gives me an indication of where in the story you want to be, though.


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Shadow, you can put wotever you want. I'm not obligated to actually use anything you put there. Using higher evolution Pokémon gives me an indication of where in the story you want to be, though.



welcome back,


Cool nvm post edited


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After getting foodstuffs, money, a sleeping bag, and a large backpack from his parents, Walker set off on his journey. The first step? Route 301! Nintenduck had already left the Maple Grove before Walker did, and for all Walker knew, could already be up ahead in Quadux Town. Washishi the Rufflet was perched on Walker’s shoulder as the boy enjoyed the fresh spring breeze of Route 301.


“Washishi, if you see any wild Pokémon, just let out a cry and we’ll catch it!” Walker told his Pokémon friend. “I don’t know what type of Pokémon await us in the Quadux Gym, but we’ll need a wide variety of types to counter any team. Or at least any other Pokémon would work.”


As if on cue, something in the wild tall grass ahead rustled. Walker threw a Poké Ball at the grass, and Washishi jumped off Walker’s shoulder and jumped to the grass. Whatever was in the grass was transformed into a red light and transferred into the now-wiggling Poké Ball. Walker ran to it and saw it shake. Shake, shake… and then the Poké Ball opened! As Walker bent down to pick up his failed Poké Ball off the grass, he came face-to-face with an angry-looking Sunkern.


“Great, my first wild Pokémon on my journey is a Sunkern! Washishi, use Peck!”


Sunkern stood its ground and started to glow white, for some reason. The Rufflet approached Sunkern and Pecked it, causing Sunkern to screech. The Sunkern still looked ready to battle.


“Great, now use Peck one more time!” Walker yelled.


Washishi jumped in the air and bashed Sunkern’s face with its beak, causing Sunkern to lose its balance and fall sideways in the grass. Walker readied his failed Poké Ball for another go, but then the Sunkern stopped glowing white and unleashed a burst of energy at Washishi, causing the Pokémon to faint. Sunkern jumped away from Walker, out-of-sight.


“Washishi! Are you okay?!?” Walker asked his fainted Rufflet, running to it and cradling it in his arms. “That Sunkern must have known Bide… Hold on, we’re going to go right back to Professor Maple and get you treated.”


Suddenly, as Walker was turning around to reenter the Maple Grove, a giant Eevee bumped into Walker.


“No! I don’t have any Pokémon to defend myself… I don’t want to die!” Walker cried.


The Eevee took off its head to reveal Runeis’s head. Walker jumped back, terrified.


“Oh, stop being so jumpy, Walker! It’s me, Runeis.”


“Aren’t you supposed to be, I don’t know, at work in Selisika?” Walker asked, doubting the responsibility of his friend.


“I can make it there by tomorrow! I saw Nintenduck off, too, so you get the same treatment. Unlike him, it doesn’t look like you’re doing too well. Here, have this Revive and use it on Washishi.” Runeis said, generously handing Walker a Revive.


Walker sprayed the Revive on Washishi, giving the Eaglet its consciousness back. “Uh, thank you, Runeis.”


“Now, I know you already know this, but I’m going to teach you how to capture Pokémon.” Runeis said.


“But… I already know how to capture a Pokémon. That Sunkern was a fluke!” Walker protested.


“Too bad, you can’t skip my explanation.” Runeis smirked. She walked into the tall grass where the Sunkern was, and a Nuzleaf popped out.


“I choose you, Eevee!” Runeis happily said, releasing her Eevee to the outside world. Eevee cheered.


Walker sat down on the sidelines, with Washishi perched on his head, watching.


“Eevee, use Tackle on Nuzleaf!” Runeis commanded.


Eevee briskly moved towards Nuzleaf before jumping and colliding into the Wily Pokémon. Eevee flipped in the air before landing on all four of its feet. Nuzleaf, meanwhile, was sent sprawling in the air.


“Now, Eevee, use another Tackle!”


“Evui!” Eevee cheered, smiling.


Eevee immediately accelerated into the sprawling Nuzleaf, jumped, and then smashed into wild Pokémon. Nuzleaf landed on its feet, angry. The Nuzleaf spat out seeds at Eevee.


“That’s a Bullet Seed, Walker. Eevee, dodge them and then hit Nuzleaf with an Iron Tail!”


Eevee jumped to the left, avoiding a stream of seeds from Nuzleaf. Nuzleaf kept shooting seeds and rotated its aim to calibrate with Eevee’s position. Eevee turned away from Nuzleaf, back-flipped over the seeds to face Nuzleaf again, and then rolled towards Nuzleaf’s feet. Nuzleaf looked down to shoot seeds at its feet, but Eevee rolled again behind Nuzleaf, causing Nuzleaf to use Bullet Seed on itself. Eevee’s tail then turned metallic as it smashed it against Nuzleaf’s backside, causing Nuzleaf to fly forward. As Nuzleaf was flying towards Runeis, she detached a Poké Ball from somewhere in the Eevee fur suit, and threw the capture device at Nuzleaf. Nuzleaf went into the Poké Ball and its momentum instantly stopped as the Poké Ball descended straight to the ground. Shake, shake, shake, seal!


Runeis walked up to the Poké Ball, and Eevee scurried to it. Runeis pet Eevee on its head and then picked up the Poké Ball, declaring, “I captured a Nuzleaf! …That’s how it is done, Walker.”


Walker just sat there, wide-eyed. “That was… amazing!”


“Well, Eevee and I have been together for a while, so we’re perfectly in-sync.”


“The fur suit must help with that…” Walker muttered.


“What was that?”


“Oh, nothing. Uh, so you’re going to use that Nuzleaf?” Walker asked.


“I don’t… plan to, but I’m not going to just give it to you.”


“Oh, I know. I don’t want the Nuzleaf for nothing. I plan to catch all of my Pokémon myself.” Walker said to Runeis.


“That’s great. Good for you. But don’t discount trading. That’s how I have so many Eevees back at my apartment in Selisika.” Runeis said dreamily.


Walker sort of stood there awkwardly next to Runeis, blushing a bit. This silence continued for about two minutes until Runeis said, “Well, you be careful out there. I really have to run back to Selisika City now.”


“Erm… bye then, Runeis. See you when I get to Selisika!” Walker waved as Runeis put her furry head back on, returned Eevee to its Poké Ball, and prowled off on all fours.


“Washishi. We need to work on our synchronization.” Walker told his Rufflet, still perched on his head.


Washishi responded by crying, “Ruff!”


“Yeah, we’ll… Whoa, who’s that Pokémon?” Walker asked, pointing in a patch of tall grass further along the route.


Walker whipped out his Pokédex, which scanned the Pokémon that was up ahead. The Pokédex digitally replied, “Spinda, the normal-type Spot Panda Pokémon. There are over eight billion Spinda formes possible, and currently no two discovered Spinda look alike. They walk as if they are erratically dancing.”


“Okay Washishi! It… hasn’t noticed us yet. So… Use Fury Attack!”


Washishi jumped off Walker’s head and managed to glide towards Spinda with its small wings. Washishi perched on Spinda’s shoulder and repeatedly jabbed it with its beak.


Spinda turned its head in the Rufflet’s direction and let out an ear-piercing Uproar attack, stopping Washishi’s Fury Attack and causing Washishi to fall off the Spinda.




“At least I know it’s stuck in that Uproar… but… That won’t help if it can knock out Washishi anyway! Hang in there and use Leer!”


Washishi glared at Spinda, but Spinda didn’t react to the Leer and kept using Uproar.


“Washishi, cover your ears with your wings, and then use Fury Attack!”


“Ruff…” Washishi grimaced.


Washishi struggled to cover its ears with its wings, but the Uproar was still effective and the Eaglet was knocked back further away from the Spinda into a rock on the ground.


“Washishi!” Walker yelled, running to Washishi. “Can you still battle?”


Washishi barely got up, but was still conscious. Walker saw the rock on the ground and picked it up.


“Walker used… Rock Throw!” Walker yelled, throwing the rock at Spinda.


Spinda was knocked out of its Uproar and fell to the ground with a big bump between its spiral eyes.


“Okay… Poké Ball, go!”


Walker threw the Poké Ball that he unsuccessfully threw at the earlier Sunkern at the Spinda. The Spinda was caught inside the Poké Ball, and it wiggled rapidly back and forth. After the third shake, the Poké Ball clicked, and Walker walked up to the capture mechanism.


“I… caught… a Spinda!” Walker picked up the Poké Ball and held it up high.


“Ruff Ruff!” Washishi chimed in.


“I never expected my first wild caught Pokémon would be a Spinda, but that’s fine with me! Hey, I should nickname Spinda. How about… Patchiriru? Patchiriru, come on out!” Walker said, sending out his Spinda once more.


Spinda stared at Walker, angry. It bellowed out at him with another Uproar, sending both Walker and his Rufflet flying backwards.


“Ah! Patchiriru! What’s your issue?!” Walker asked.


“SPIN SPIN SPIN SPIN SPIIINNNNDAAAA!” Spinda screamed, sending more sound waves at Walker.


“Let’s consult the Pokédex…” Walker yelled to himself so he could hear. He opened his Pokédex and put the volume of its audio playback on maximum.


“When Spinda gets irritated, it can use Uproar to express its anger.”


“So it’s throwing a massive temper tantrum?! Washishi, find out why!” Walker commanded, pointing his finger at Spinda. His Rufflet, however, was cowering behind Walker trying to cover its ears.


Spinda calmed down and discontinued its usage of Uproar, placing its hand on the big bruise between its two eyes.


“You… didn’t like that rock? Well, sorry, I had to catch you somehow!” Walker explained. “It’ll be all right, your bruise will heal really soon. Just take a rest and…”


“SPIN SPIN SPIN SPIN SPPPPPPIIIIIIIIINDDDAAAA!” Spinda screamed, persisting its Uproar. Spinda started to run further down Route 301.


“Patchiriru? Slow down! Hey! Washishi, we have to catch up to it!”


As Walker was running after Spinda (with his Rufflet bouncing behind), Walker used his Pokédex again to examine his new Pokémon.


“Let’s see… According to this, this Spinda is Rash, has Own Tempo as its ability, and it knows Uproar, Shock Wave and Drain Punch. That’s a really good beginning move set!”


Patchiriru continued to barrel down Route 301 screaming, with Walker running behind it. Patchiriru’s continuous Uproar woke up many Pokémon on the route… prematurely. This included a very angry Vigoroth. Walker soon saw the Vigoroth jumping up and down, in rage, right ahead of Patchiriru down Route 301. The Spinda bumped into Vigoroth and stopped its sprint. The Vigoroth stared down at the Spinda and picked it up by the Spinda’s throat with its left arm, ready to rip it apart.


“Patchiriru! I’ll save you!” Walker announced. Washishi barely kept up with the Pokémon Trainer.


“Spin Spin Spiiiin!” Patchiriru cried.


“Ruff, Ruff!” Washishi yelled at the Vigoroth.


“Vigo… ROOOOTH!” Responded Vigoroth, who squeezed the Spinda’s neck tighter…


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Any moderator available, I'm asking for one of you to, at some point in the near future, move this thread to the General Discussion board (Board 20).








Edit: Yay thank you Snow. ^.^


I'll be a good boy for like... a month now. Give or take. Yeah. Conscious effort for a good conscience!




Also I edited the ToC links accordingly.


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“Washishi, I choose you! Use Leer!” Walker commanded. His Spinda was in deep trouble against this wild Vigoroth who looked ready to tear the Spot Panda open.


Washishi Leered at the Vigoroth. Vigoroth animatedly sucked its head back like it was punched in the stomach, and then pushed its head forward with a terrifying Roar. Washishi jumped into Walker’s arms, cowering.


“Washishi now isn’t the time to run away! We have to rescue Patchiriru! Get out there and smash it with your finest Fury Attack!”


Washishi shook its head, as if removing the cowardice from its body. It jumped casually down from Walker’s arms, and then quickly accelerated with its glowing beak into the wild Vigoroth, who swatted it away with its right paw.


“Okay, now’s when I’ll use the Pokédex.” Walker said to himself.


“Vigoroth, the normal-type Wild Monkey Pokémon and the evolved form of Slakoth. Vigoroth’s blood pressure is constantly on the rise, and it always needs to let off some steam. It is commonly seen running through jungles to lower its massive amount of natural energy.”


Walker sighed. “Well, I don’t think anyone should get any caffeine near that thing. Washishi, go in for another Fury Attack, and this time, look out for its retaliation!”


Washishi swooped in for another Fury Attack, and it ducked underneath the Vigoroth’s Slash. Washishi started to jab Vigoroth’s forehead, and Vigoroth’s body glowed ginger as Washishi was sent sprawling backwards.


“What the…?! Washishi, what happened to Fury Attack?!”


“Ruff!” Washishi cried as it landed on Walker’s shoulder. Washishi decided to perch there.


“VIGOOOROOOTTTHHH!” Vigoroth snarled.


Walker pulled out the Pokédex again. “Counter is a retaliatory move that deals double the damage of the move just performed against the user.”


“That was Counter?! But Washishi, all of your moves are physical attacks…” Walker frowned. He was realizing he couldn’t take out the Vigoroth.


“Spiiiinda!” Patchiriru cried as Vigoroth dug its claws into Spinda’s neck.


“Then I have no choice…” Walker said to himself and Washishi.


Walker removed Patchiriru’s Poké Ball from his belt and tried to call back his Spinda. Vigoroth blocked the red light from the Poké Ball with its arms.


“VIGOROOOOTTTTHH!” Vigoroth snarled again. It began to charge towards Walker, ready to crush the Pokémon Trainer.


“Okay, Washishi, get ready!” Walker said, removing an empty Poké Ball from his belt.


Washishi realized what Walker was about to do with that Poké Ball and expressed a horrified look on its face.


“Poké Ball, go!” Walker said, throwing the Poké Ball at Vigoroth.


Vigoroth became ensnared inside the Poké Ball, and a surprised Patchiriru fell on the ground.


“Quick, Patchiriru, return!” Walker returned Patchiriru to its Poké Ball and walked up to the wiggling Vigoroth. Walker threw that Poké Ball as far back as he could, then ran forward towards Route 301’s exit.


Vigoroth very quickly freed itself from Walker’s now abandoned Poké Ball, and leapt after the fleeing trainer.


“You see, Washishi, I wasn’t trying to catch Vigoroth. I wouldn’t want a Pokémon like that, anyway. The whole point was to buy us some time to distance ourselves away from it while rescuing Patchiriru.” Walker explained to the perched Washishi as he was running. “I can see a town up ahead! We’re almost there!”


“VIIIGGGOOORROOOTTTHHH!” Vigoroth screamed, catching up to Walker.


“Ugh! It’s so fast! Okay, I only have three empty Poké Balls now… Let’s try… the same trick! Poké Ball, go!” Walker threw another Poké Ball at the wild Vigoroth. This time it was ready and it used Hammer Arm on the Poké Ball, sending it flying back at Walker’s direction. Walker ducked to the side. Unfortunately, this dodge caused the Poké Ball to smash Washishi in the face, causing the Eaglet to fall off Walker’s shoulder. The Poké Ball then bounced on the ground, broken.


“Washishi! Are you okay?!” Walker didn’t like the Rufflet’s losing streak.


Washishi didn’t respond. It clearly had fainted.


“Okay, Patchiriru, go!” Walker said, throwing Patchiriru’s Poké Ball to the ground between Walker and the Vigoroth.


The Spinda looked rather confused. Then again, Spindas always seemed to look that way.


Walker took on an apologetic tone. “Patchiriru, sorry for the Rock Throw earlier but… We both need this Vigoroth taken down! Use Drain Punch!”


The Spot Panda nodded, and looked at the angry Vigoroth. The Vigoroth was slightly slower from its earlier Hammer Arm, but its claws grew sharper and more honed as if ready to cut up the Spinda in one blow. Patchiriru tottered itself near Vigoroth, and Vigoroth tried to use Slash on Patchiriru. Patchiriru, in a most ungraceful manner, dodged the Slash, which should’ve been a clean hit. Vigoroth looked confused, and, in anger at missing, proceeded to use Fury Swipes. The Spinda avoided all of them, and its fist began to glow green. Patchiriru punched Vigoroth in the stomach, sending the Wild Monkey Pokémon down to the ground. The Spinda smiled as its health was restored.


“Now, Patchiriru, Drain Punch it again!”


Patchiriru jumped in the air and started to spin, rotating its body until its fist slammed against the Vigoroth’s face. Vigoroth yelled in pain, and its own arms glowed. Vigoroth smashed the Spinda with another Hammer Arm, causing the Spinda to fly into the air, spinning. Vigoroth slowly got up, staggering.


Walker looked fairly confident. “Patchiriru, Shock Wave from the air!”


Patchiriru’s ears oriented straight up, and they started to crackle with electricity. A bright yellow orb of electric energy started to form in-between Patchiriru’s ears, and then dispersed in a rather thin-looking wave of voltage through the air, hitting the wild Vigoroth and electrocuting it. Patchiriru landed on the ground, satisfied. The Vigoroth had fainted.


“Great work, Patchiriru! Return!” Walker said, sending his Spinda back to its Poké Ball. He was beaming with pride that he had managed to take down this powerful Pokémon with his newly caught Spinda, especially one that had a major distrust in him to start with.


Walker picked up Washishi’s small, fainted body, and walked into the town.


Quadux Town was a queer little settlement. It was created as a place where fishing enthusiasts who came from all over the world to fish at Quadux Fishing Hole could stay and live. It was populated with several Mom and Pop brick and mortar stores, along with a few inns and houses. Before the area was made into a town, it was filled with impassable forests. People and their Pokémon used slash-and-burn deforestation techniques, and TPCI funded the creation of Quadux Town due to its key geographical location that made it a four-way intersection of Route 301, Route 302, Route 306, and Raconius Bridge. In fact, Quadux Town’s formation allowed the people of Tecugo to even access the Maple Grove, the Tecugo Basin and the Tecugo Sea. The Professors of TPCI also set up their headquarters in Southwest Tecugo at the Tecugo Sea after the formation of Quadux Town, moving from Selisika City. Quadux Town symbolizes the geographically southern “wet” area of Tecugo, compared to the north-northeastern “dry” side of Tecugo. Not only is this a geographical divide, but there is also a cultural divide between the rural northwest-west-south-southeast side and the urbanized north-northeastern side of Selisika City, Glyten Town and Mamorania City. Many of the urbanized folk living up there felt betrayed when TPCI moved their headquarters to the rural side of Tecugo, and a perceived abandonment. The Pokémon League then sponsored an official Pokémon Gym in Quadux Town.


Walker was looking at all of the above exposition in a tourist pamphlet in the Quadux Town Pokémon Center as he was waiting for the Health Restoration Machine to fully heal Washishi and Patchiriru. “I need to find out more about this Gym.” Walker said out loud to himself. A burly fisherman walked up to Walker upon hearing this.


“You want to know about the Quadux Gym, eh? The gym leader is a young kid named Calvin, and the Pokémon League sanctions him to use Water and Ice type Pokémon. I should know that because I’m his father!” The fisherman laughed a rather hearty laugh.


“Oh! Thank you sir. Anything else you can tell me?” Walker asked, leaning towards the man for more information.


Heartily laughing, the fisherman responded, “You only have two Pokémon? Calvin’s Gym is three on three, so you should get yourself another one. I know! Stop by my shop and I’ll give you a fishin’ rod! It’s just across the street. You can go ahead and catch yourself a water Pokémon from the same Fishing Hole Calvin caught all of his Pokémon. He’s a mighty good fisher, that boy. He’ll grow up to be just like his dad if he can calm his nerves down!”


“Well, okay. Can we go right now? To your store?” Walker asked, taking Washishi and Patchiriru’s Poké Balls from the Health Restoration Machine.


The fisherman nodded, and the two walked across the street to his store. Inside were shelves lined with bait, lures, and fishing rods, along with nets and Net Balls. “Well, see anything you like?” The fisherman asked Walker, taking a firm seat from behind the cashier’s counter.


Walker started sweating. “I was hoping you’d guide me through this… I’ve never gone fishing before.”


The fisherman sighed. “Another newbie, huh? Yeah, I thought as much. Where’d you say you were from?”


Walker gave the fisherman a strange look. “I didn’t say where I was from, but I’m Walker and I hail from the Maple Grove.”


“Yes! A fellow named Nintenduck also passed through here sayin’ he’s from the Maple Grove. You lads have direct access to the Tecugo Sea and you don’t fish in it. I’ll have to go down there myself one of these days and open up a shop there and see what type of catches I can fish up. But I should stop rantin’, you want a fishin’ rod. Well there are three basic kinds: The Old Rod, the Good Rod, and the Super Rod. The differences between them are quality. The Super Rod catches everythin’ the Good Rod can, and the Old Rod only attracts Magikarp, y’see. I don’t believe in those Magikarp anglers that try t’make a business out of catchin’ the biggest Magikarp. I just think some salesman somewhere gave ‘em an Old Rod and that’s all they got. So I’ll tell it to ya straight: Buy the Super Rod, and you’ll attract a whole lotta water Pokémon! Calvin got one, too. So did that Nintenduck fella.” The fisherman ranted.


“That whole thing was a sales pitch? You didn’t tell me until now I had to actually buy the Super Rod from you. I thought it’d be a gift. Hey, how about, if I beat you in a Pokémon battle, I get the Super Rod for free…?” Walker suggested.


The fisherman laughed another hearty laugh. His tone suddenly shifted to that of a salesman. “Sorry son, but I got a business to run! Tell you what, you buy this Super Rod for 5000 Poké, a bargain I tell ya, you buy it right now; I’ll throw in some All-Purpose Bait for free! That’s the best quality of bait if y’ain’t fishin’ for nothin’ specific, I tell ya! But wait! For only an additional 3000 Poké, I’ll throw in a handcrafted tailor-made lure! Those are quite popular, y’know, lures that are replica figurines of the owner. So how about it?!”


Walker took a few steps back. It appeared this man was trying to scam him. But if Nintenduck bought the Super Rod, too, then he must have found it a wise investment in money. But 5000 Poké was quite a lot of money. It was half of the lifesavings Walker kept until the day his journey started.


“How much for a Good Rod, sir?” Walker asked.


“But you won’t get premier-quality with a Good Rod, son!” The fisherman protested. “You’ll need a Super Rod, and that 5000 Poké is the cheapest you’ll find in Quadux Town!”


Walker wondered how everyone could seemingly afford a Super Rod. “With Pokémon, a trainer can train any Pokémon to be premier-quality.” Walker said, regurgitating a sentiment often repeated by Professor Maple. “So how much for a Good Rod?”


The fisherman could tell his selling tactics weren’t working on Walker. He had to sell something, though. He walked over to the worst looking Good Rod available. “So this one is used, but still usable. It’s only 500 Poké… no, make that 550. 550. Yup. I’ll throw in 3 rounds of All-Purpose Bait for free, too.” Said the fisherman, significantly less enthusiastic than before.


“That’s more like it! I’ll take it.” Walker said, opening his backpack.


“Oh, did I mention that not only does the Super Rod attract better Pokémon, but it ALSO makes them easier to catch? Not only that, but it attracts ‘em at a better clip, makin’ ‘em bite more often! Yup, just the rod itself can do that.” The fisherman said, recalibrating his direction closer to the more expensive Super Rods.


“As long as I catch something with this Good Rod, I’ll take it.” Walker said, pulling out a fistful of Poké valued at 550 Poké.


The fisherman took a packet of All-Purpose Bait and the worn down Good Rod and gave it to Walker, who gave him the 550 Poké as payment. The fisherman took a deep breath, and then said, “Pleasure doing business with you.”


“Yeah, you too!” Walker said happily. He stuffed the Good Rod and the All-Purpose Bait into his backpack.


Walker walked eastward past the Gym to the Quadux Fishing Hole. He saw Nintenduck and his Munchlax already there with a Super Rod; several packages of bait, and a specially made lure that looked just like him. He looked extremely focused. Walker walked closer to his friend, who stood up and started to frantically reel in a Pokémon.


“Oh, hey, Nintenduck.” Walker said, staring at the water.


“Munchlax, grab on to me! This is a big one!” Nintenduck yelled, ignoring Walker. His Munchlax grabbed onto his waist and started to pull back.


“So, Nintenduck, did you challenge the gym already? What Pokémon have you caught…?” Walker asked, not getting the message.


“AHHHH!” Nintenduck screamed.


He and Munchlax fell over on top of Walker as water splashed all over the three. Whatever Nintenduck was fishing leaped out of the water, ready for a fight…




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Its a nice fan fic, good spelling and grammar, along with a decent plot.


I enjoyed the many details, too


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Its a nice fan fic, good spelling and grammar, along with a decent plot.


I enjoyed the many details, too


That's the way I roll.




(I properly timed this response, for anyone who is wondering)




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<strike>Mew is a one-off trainer who is hunting for a chance to catch Mew.</strike>



............ NOW MY TEXT IS RED!


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Screen-Name: frank46433<br style="margin-top: 0px; margin-right: 0px; margin-bottom: 0px; margin-left: 0px; padding-top: 0px; padding-right: 0px; padding-bottom: 0px; padding-left: 0px; outline-style: none; outline-width: initial; outline-color: initial; font-weight: normal; font-style: inherit; vertical-align: bottom; " />

Character Name: francisco<br style="margin-top: 0px; margin-right: 0px; margin-bottom: 0px; margin-left: 0px; padding-top: 0px; padding-right: 0px; padding-bottom: 0px; padding-left: 0px; outline-style: none; outline-width: initial; outline-color: initial; font-weight: normal; font-style: inherit; vertical-align: bottom; " />

Personality: funny, loves girls like brock. cares about his pokemon to the max. to him, his pokemon are his family/team. Even though he goofs a lot, he knows when to goof at the appropriate time. He doesn't have much hate unless its on something like those organizations that hurt pokemon. He always has ways to catch his opponent off guard during battles because of his observations and wild imagination. He challenges the gyms but you will mostly see him in big adventures and hanging out with other trainers.<br style="margin-top: 0px; margin-right: 0px; margin-bottom: 0px; margin-left: 0px; padding-top: 0px; padding-right: 0px; padding-bottom: 0px; padding-left: 0px; outline-style: none; outline-width: initial; outline-color: initial; font-weight: normal; font-style: inherit; vertical-align: bottom; " />

Pokémon: piplup(usually out of the poke'ball) semipour and galvantula.


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Screen name and character name: Stickly


Bio: a begining trainer who hopes to aspire to greatness.


Team: Charmeleon and Pichu (Usually walk with Stickly out of pokeballs), Nidorino, Scizor, Croconaw, and Treecko.


(Please make them evolve as the story progresses)


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Screen name: popandbop


Character name:John


Personality:Hot tempered. Likes to battle. His goal is to beat the Telcugo League.Sometimes he goofs off, other times he is dead serious.


Pokemon:Deino, Haunter,(normaly out of his poke ball,nickname ghostman)Bulbasaur, Larvesta(nickname: bugburn)


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I don't get why people don't just copy/paste the blank form. >.>;






Thanks for your submissions. <strike>I'm definitely gonna artistic license the heck out of these.</strike>


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