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Trading all of my spare EX cards for complete Ho-Oh Legend.


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Edit: Thank you for trading :)



EX Cards:



1x Latios.

1x B. Kyurem.

3x Emolga.

1x Charizard.

2x Garchomp.

3x Skarmory.

2x Zekrom.

1x Articuno.

1x M-Kangaskhan.

3x Meloetta (1x FA;2x Reg)

2x Xerneas.

2x Reshiram.

1x Tornadus.

3x Shaymin (2x FA; 1x Reg)

1x W. Kyurem.

2x M-Venusaur.

1x Lugia.




All of those EX cards I am willing to trade for both halves of Ho-Oh Legend. Is it too much? Probably. But I have no use for them. Might as well trade them for a couple of cards I want.

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