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Solution to wheel prizes


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Guess this will be the best way to the problem:

1) Put in every regular ex and rare cards available into the wheel and not the FA and sr

Reasons: As we always know, you dont need FA and sr to make a competitive deck, giving reg version of any cards will still make a strong deck and encourage people to play morel often

2) Adding the likelihood to get mystery gift from the wheel

Making it such way will allow NEW players to get their wants or valuable item more easily

3) The variation of cards and packs shall be from any possible packs existing in the game including HGSS era

Making this way will enable collectors from anytime anywhere to make their binder more STRONG LOOKING


In these way, we will not denied any effort from the OLD PLAYERS and helping more NEW PLAYERS to get into the game. The way giving fa and sr directly is too extreme and I believe this is the best solution out there. Please be noted that we always have to pay efforts to upgrade our belonging. I understand many people will complain that it is not fair because old players got them at lot cheaper price long ago, however, please also keep in mind where old players does not get the support from wheel or tournament in the past too. This way, we will more players since the new will come and the old will stay. Its useless if we continue to add in more player but on the same side losing the old players. If old players left, some Trading INC who is the current leader of the game will leave and the game might be in chaos since no reference because not many people willing to trade. I understand that in near future, some people will stand out and to become the new leader, keep in mind that having 100 N FA doesnt makes u a leader and there is why we need variation from HGSS to latest as well, most importantly, it takes time. We cannot reverse the damage that have been done but we can stop the damage to spread more widely. Moderator please have my words to the developer, thank you.

* Tournament plays a huge part in cards inflation, please do not giving ONLY ONE TYPE of pack in future tournament so any packs would have similar value and we can get N FA from specific packs. Fellow players, agree or not? :)

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Also this solution require [Content removed - please keep all discussion polite and constructive. -Prof. Poplar] players to compromise to make it happen. CHEER all, we should always try to expand the pokemon fans and stopping the supports to make the game better.

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Hi dra0203,


I'll submit your suggestions to the Dev team for review and leave your thread open for discussion in the meantime.


As always, we appreciate your input!

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