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Lugia Legend Deck - Your Ideas?


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Recently, I've seen more and more players playing with Lugia Legend decks. I also built one and tested it quite a bit. It's fun, can be very dominating. But you will cry when you see non-EX decks like Garchomp-Altaria, Empoleon-Dusknoir-Miltank.


Lugia Legend does have few unique traits.


First, it's not a Basic Pokemon, it's Legend Pokemon, which means it WILL bypass pesky Pyroars as well as Sigilygh/Suicune. However, it does not benefit from cards such as Skyarrow Bridge or Eviolite, which specify that they only work on Basic Pokemon. Sorry, Pokemon Collector and Pokemon Fan Club and SORRY Prism Energy.


Second, it does crazy amount of damage, a whooping 200 damage, which knocks out everything except Mega Evolutions. However, you have to discard 1 Fire 1 Water and 1 Lightning energy for that attack, so your best bet is to hit these 2 prize EXs.


Third, it consists of 2 pieces and you can only play it when you have both pieces in your hand. That means, if both upper or lower pieces are in the prize, unless you have a Rotom (Mischievous Trick), you can concede right away.


Fourth, it comes with Poke-Power Ocean Grow, which allow you to reveal top 5 cards of your deck when you put it down, attach any energy cards (including special energies) to Lugia Legend and discard the rest. This means the 12 or so energy in most other decks do not work here; your need much more energies.


Fifth, you can only run a total of 4 Lugia Legend pieces, meaning only 2 sets in a deck, not 4.


Sixth, your ideas?




Rufflet (Chirp) - Chirp (1 Colorless) Search your deck for 2 Pokemon with Fighting Resistance, reveal them, and put them into your hand. Shuffle your deck afterward. Perfect for this deck. You can search for Lugia Legend pieces, Shaymin or Ho-oh.


Shaymin (Celebration Wind) - Move energy around for the attack. Can also move energy from Ho-oh EX to Lugia Legend.


Ho-Oh EX - Rebirth FTW. Can literally come from nowhere with 3 energies for Shaymin to move to Lugia Legend for the kill. Can be hard if you keep flipping tails though.


Rainbow Energy -Although Prism does not work, Rainbow Energy still works~~


Rescue Scarf, Rescue Energy - Recycle Lugia Legend. However, only works if Lugia Legend is knocked out by damage from an attack; beware of Hypnotoxic Laser.


Any other ideas? Everybody?

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Blend Energy WLFM can cover either the Water or Lightning costs of Elemental Blast, so that might be good to have, either by straight attachment or Ocean Grow. Ho-Oh can't grab it with Rebirth, but still.


I've run into Lugia LEGEND a few times, and every time, I've seen Smeargle in it. Portrait is certainly a very nice Power, potentially giving you two Supporters in one turn.

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