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Please rate my Public Trades! :)

Guest ArtichokeCat

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Guest ArtichokeCat

All right guys, I've just posted some Public Trade offers up,

And I want the community to determine whether the Trades are 'fair' or not.

They ARE fair in my opinion, but I want to see if everyone else thinks so as well. :)

This way I have a chance of my Public Trade offers actually going through. :P

I know I can probably check the trading threads to see if the prices are equivalent

(yes, yes they are according to ZaftCo prices)

Anyway, enough talking. Here we go!



I give: Absol PF

I get: Pyroar FLF



I give: Reverse Holo Shiftry FLF, Reverse Holo Milotic FLF, Tornadus EX PF

I get: Ninetales DRX, 2 Cofagrigus (6 Feet Under), 2 Ditto BCR



I give: Florges FF, Leavanny LT, Klingklang DEX (Lock Gear)

I get: 2 Audino BCR (Hip Bump)


So there they are.

Please decide whether the trades are 'fair' or not and how you decided in the comments!

1. - ...

2. - ...

3. - ...

Something like that would be great. :)


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